The “Cartly” Gentleman

While women dote on large, lavish closets, men pride themselves on nice, polished bars, and as a respectable man, yourself, it only seems logical that you should have one of your own. You  may not have that dream home with a built-in bar (and a home theater and five car garage) yet, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have an impressive bar cart.

Check out some of these great carts for inspiration and then get out there to find one that suits your fancy!

Gift Guide: How To Be a Thoughtful Valentine

Congratulations, you made it through the holiday shopping season with your gal! But now, Valentine’s Day is nearing, and soon the stores will be crowded with cheesy red and pink boxes of candy, roses, and conversation hearts. While it may seem like a good idea to head down the seasonal aisle for gift ideas, it’s important to understand that the perfect gift is a thoughtful gift.

Don’t think you can pull it off? We rounded up some great ideas that are sure to get you a big ol’ hug and kiss from your girl!


  1. Get tickets to a special event – Is your girlfriend’s favorite band coming to town? Is she a huge sports fan? Get her two tickets to her favorite event, and plan to make a special day of it for the two of you!
  2. Make a photobook – You have so many great memories together, why not preserve them forever? If making a scrapbook just seems too girly, you can have a photobook made at nearly any photo center. Upload your photos online, arrange them as you like, and order!
  3. Have personalized jewelry made – Rather than buying her a rhinestone heart necklace from the jewelry counter, have a personalized piece made. Easily and affordably ordered online, you can add engravings, special phrases, dates, or even birthstones. Etsy is a great place to start!
  4. Create a gift basket – Chances are, you can find a Valentine’s themed gift basket complete with a teddy bear, chocolates, and mini balloon that says “I love you” in a snap. Skip this novelty and create your own special gift basket with all of her favorite things! Add a book or CD she’s been wanting, her favorite candy, a candle, bath and body care items, gift cards, something that signifies an inside joke between you two, etc. Your options are nearly limitless!
  5. Give her a day of relaxation – A gift certificate for her hair salon, nail salon, or spa is a great gift. She will look amazing and feel great, and she’ll love that you want to pamper her.
  6. Plan a trip – Now this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go on a multi-day vacation, or even stay overnight, if your budget doesn’t allow for it. Just plan an entire day together to visit a local attraction or maybe even re-visit a few of your favorite “first” locations — like the restaurant where you had your first date or the first movie theater you went to together. Just take pictures and have fun!
  7. Give her flowers – Forget the cliche roses that are dead in just a few days! If you are going to get your leading lady flowers, get her some that are potted or can be planted in the spring. With proper care, these flowers will have a long life, and she will remember this special Valentine’s Day every time she looks at them!

Just keep her interests and likes in mind, as well as the memories and special times that you’ve shared together. Chances are, something extra special will inspire you!

Want more tips on how to buy for your best girl? Check out this post on how to buy gifts for her!

Ps. Check back later this week for a very special announcement and giveaway!

How to Throw a Gatsby-Themed Party

What do you get when you cross the most lavish literary scene of all time with the biggest party night of the year? A Gatsby-themed bash that’s sure to go down as your most epic New Year’s Eve yet! Just in time for the 2013 movie premiere starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Carey Mulligan, transform your typical year-end bash into an extravagant 1920s soiree reminiscent of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. (Minus the obsession, love triangles, and tragedy, okay?)

And for even more goodies, check out the rest of our Great Gatsby Guide:

Great Gatsby Character & Fashion Guide

’20s Toppers: Great Gatsby Hats

Great Gatsby Music: 1920s Playlist

Great Gatsby party

All you need are mood-setting invites, decor, music, and refreshments, along with a dapper and flapper-esque dress code that’ll get everybody into character. Here’s our breakdown of all the essentials for an unforgettable Gatsby party:

The Invites

As with any party, setting the scene and expectations for your Gatsby party starts with the invitations. Since it’s NYE, you want to keep the invitations looking sophisticated and fun, but with an old time feel. Invites in gold, champagne, black and white, or silver with vintage block fonts work best. Extra points for ’20s images or metallic and/or glittery details (guys, we understand — you can skip the sparkle). Or, you could use the book’s original cover and make your own invites instead.

Gatsby theme party invitations

The Dress Code

On your invites, be sure to tell your guests to get all gussied-up and Gatsby-fied. For the Jay Gatsbys, Tom Buchannans, and Nick Carraways out there, dress like a dapper gent in a black suit and bowtie, or dress pants, an old-fashioned blazer, and suspenders. Slick back the hair and grab a cigar for an authentic look.

For the Daisy Buchannans, Jordan Bakers, and Myrtle Wilsons out there, it’s all about retro waves, rouge lipstick, fur coats, and eye-catching dresses!  The flapper look of the ’20s was all about clothing you could move and twirl in, with beading, gems, tassles, sequins, ribbon, or other flashy embellishments. Looking for a little inspiration? Try the look below!

what to wear to a Gatsby party

The Accessories

When it comes to looking the part, accessories are key to pulling off Gatsby garb. For guys, it’s all about the fedora (and lucky for you, we know where to find ’em). To pull off the high-scale Gatsby appeal, grab some cufflinks, a pocket watch, and a handkerchief for your coat pocket.

For the ladies, your go-to hat is the Daisy-like cloche. Be sure to don a headpiece underneath that topper, carry a hard-cased clutch, and don’t skimp on the pearls, velvet, rhinestones, jewels, and feathers — pile them on! 

accessories what to wear to a Gatsby themed party

The Decor

Although the book takes place during the summer, it’s easy to decorate using the rich colors, bold lights, and shimmery decor of the 1920s during the holidays, when there’s an overabundance of glitzy baubles lining the store shelves (most will be on sale right before and after Christmas, too).

For Gatsby theme decor, think lavish extravagance meets sleek, retro sophistication. For the tablescape, choose items in black, white, gold, silver, and jewel tones — and don’t forget the luxe contrast of white candles and flowers. The beverage area should be the center of attention in a 1920s themed party, so deck out a bar cart or side table in vintage-looking barware, swanky bottles, and chic touches like a cocktail menu, festive streamers, and retro straws. We love the idea of using vintage gold frames (you can find them at your local Goodwill) and painting the inside with chalkboard paint — the perfect ambiance-setting signage for your place. And last but not least: don’t forget the confetti. It’s a Gatsby and NYE must!

Gatsby theme party decorations

The Refreshments

Gatsby threw over-the-top parties to impress Daisy; his parties were all about overindulging, especially when it came to food and drink. Let’s start with the drinks, because even though the story took place during the Prohibition era, that didn’t stop Gatsby’s free-flow of booze for his guests. Gin was a staple in the speakeasy era, but try to make a few authentic cocktails, too, like a Mint Julep, Southside, Sidecar, Highball, and French 75. And don’t forget the bubbly — it’s NYE, after all!

If you’re serving a few apps, try your hand at tea sandwiches, crab-stuffed mushroomspancetta-wrapped figs, baked brie with pecans, triple deviled eggs, and shrimp cocktail. Serve savory chocolate dipped brownie cookies, triple chocolate truffles, creme brulee donuts, or a simple angel food cake for dessert. To Gatsby-ify your hors d’oeuvres, use fedoras as serving bowls by lining them with aluminum foil (for protection), covering the foil with a cloth napkin, and filling them with your foods.

Gatsby theme party food and drink ideas

The Music

To top off your Gatsby bash, switch out your top hits for swing music. Bust out that old fashioned record player and play some vinyls, or load your phone with all sorts of Swing-era tunes. Early jazz artists like Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Cole Porter, Ben Pollack, Don Redman, Fletcher Henderson, Coleman Hawkins, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Red Allen, Roy Eldridge, Benny Carter, and John Kirby are staples for your Spotify playlists (check out our collection of 1920’s hits here), or listen to stations like Early Jazz Radio or Roaring ’20s Radio on Pandora. Guests will surely get into the swing of things.

Great Gatsby theme party music list

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A Chef’s Take on Oven-Cooked Steaks

We already know you’re a grillmaster (or, at least you think you are). You can broil, barbecue, smoke, and roast just about any type of meat on an open flame. But what happens when the weather goes south, and your grillin’ days are put on hold for the night — or the season? Trust us, no one wants to cook while they’re shivering in their skivvies. So how are you going to impress your lady friend over a steak dinner if you have to cook it in the oven? (Insert dramatic look here.)

Advice from a chef: How to cook a steak in the oven!

That’s where our good friend, Chef Andrew Horstmann, comes in. As a graduate of The Chef’s Academy and a Sous Chef at The Oceanaire in Indianapolis, he really is a grillmaster, a fishmaster, a steakmaster, and everything in between. Here are his foolproof tips to the perfect oven-cooked steak in under 15 minutes. And honestly, it’s even easier than grilling.  (Insert another dramatic look.)

How to Cook a Steak in the Oven

By Chef Andy


• Iron Skillet (it should be oven-safe, meaning there shouldn’t be rubber or plastic anywhere on the handle)
• Tongs
• Oven Mitt
• Stove
• Oven


• 6 oz filets
• Salt
• Pepper
• Olive Oil


• Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
• Season steaks on both sides with salt and pepper. Be hefty with the seasoning.
• Warm the skillet on the stove on high heat.
• Once skillet is hot, drizzle just enough olive oil to cover the surface of the skillet.
• Place steak in skillet and leave on one side for 2-4 minutes, until you get a hard sear. It should be rich brown in color, but not black (otherwise known as burnt).

Advice from a chef: How to cook a steak in the oven!

• After one side is seared, flip steaks and place entire skillet immediately into the oven. The hot skillet will continue to sear the uncooked side while in the oven.
• Leave steaks in oven for preferred amount of time. See cook times below.
• After removing steaks from the oven, let them rest for 2 minutes in the pan. This helps the flavor and juices redistribute themselves throughout the steak.
• Place oven-safe plates in the oven for 1-2 minutes before putting steaks on them. Steaks are always better on a hot plate.
• Plate it up and serve.

Advice from a chef: How to cook a steak in the oven!

Top It Off

If you want to get a little fancy, throw olive oil, fresh spinach, sliced tomatoes, and Dungeness crab meat into a skillet, and sautee for a few minutes. Spoon this on top of your steaks for a little surf and turf. Serve with feta and rosemary-stuffed mushroom caps.

Cook Times

If you’re a first-timer and you really want to do this right, suck it up and use a meat thermometer. They’re the easiest way to cook your steaks to the desired temp, especially if you’re uncomfortable with touch. Use this temperature chart as a guide.

Also, cook times vary depending on the cut of your steak, so if you’re cooking something other than a filet, use this steak-cooking guide.

Here’s my rule of thumb:

• For rare, don’t bother with the oven. Just sear on both sides on the stove for 2-4 minutes.
• For medium-rare, cook steaks 6-8 minutes in the oven. All sides should look cooked, but the steak should still feel squishy (like the palm of your hand).
• For medium, cook about 7-10 minutes in the oven. If you poke the steak with your thumb, it’ll squish in, but plump back up quickly.
• For medium-well, cook 10 minutes. To touch, it will be pretty firm.
• For well done, you should just get yourself some chicken.

A Guy’s Guide to Doing Laundry

So you’re out on your own and just beginning to master the tasks of being an adult — cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, etc. You think you’ve got it aaaall figured out, until you notice the huge pile of laundry taking over most of your floor space. Unfortunately, that laundry isn’t going to do itself.

No need to panic. Just follow our quick and easy Guy’s Guide to Doing Laundry.

vintage laundry advertisement men
1. Go Shopping

Detergent is what cleans your clothes. There are liquid and powder varieties, and what you use is a personal choice. Make sure to get a color-safe kind to keep your whites white and your colors bright. These days, most detergents have fabric softeners in them, so go ahead and skip buying extra. Or, you can buy dryer sheets for extra softness.

If you’re a messy lad, grab a bottle of spray-on stain remover — this stuff lasts forever.

2. Sort and Check

Before you get going, read the tags of any dress shirts, sweaters, dress pants, or nice clothes that you don’t want to inadvertently ruin. You may have clothes that are dry clean only, and washing them with water may destroy them.

Next, sort your clothing by color. Typically, loads consist of darks, whites, or colors. Just beware of the red! Red clothing can bleed onto your other clothes, so you may opt to wash your reds with darks (or alone if you have lots of red). To keep your jeans from fading, turn them inside out before washing them.

Then, check those pockets! Yes, each and every one — you can thank us later.

3. Size it Out

Be mindful of your load sizes. If your loads are too big, your clothes may not get as clean as they should, and loads too small may be wasteful. If a load is too big, make it two loads. If it’s too small and you won’t need these items right away, wait until you have enough to make a bigger load.

vintage man doing laundry post card4. Start the Spaceship

Starting the washer is easy, but we’ll break it down for you:

  1. Choose a load size. Use small if you fill 1/3 of the washer drum, medium if you fill 1/2 of the drum, large if you fill 3/4 of the drum, or extra large if you fill the drum.
  2. Choose a water temperature. Typically, darks should be washed in cooler water to prevent fading and shrinking, while whites should be washed in warm water. More durable fabrics such as towels can be safely washed in warm water. Again, read the tags of your clothes; most will specify the appropriate water. However, if you’re not sure, you can wash everything on cold to be safe.
  3. Choose a cycle. You’re probably safe using the “regular” cycle.
  4. Start the cycle.
  5. Measure and add your detergent. Read the detergent instructions to know how much to measure.
  6. Throw in the clothes.
  7. Close the lid.
5. Beware of the Dryer

Pay attention to what materials your clothes are made of before tossing them in the dryer — read the tags for this information. Considerable amounts of cotton will shrink significantly, so if you don’t want it to shrink, let it hang-dry on a clothes hanger. Some delicate materials should skip the dryer altogether. As a rule of thumb, use low heat for your delicates and low medium/high heat for everything else. If you opted for dryer sheets, be sure to toss one in before turning it on!

Don’t forget to clean out the lint trap before running the dryer! Also, remove clothes from the dryer as soon as they’re dry. This will prevent unsightly wrinkles. Clothes still wrinkled? Iron them. Trust us, you’ll look like a million bucks if you do.

How Often Do I Need to Wash My Clothes?

Here’s a good rule of thumb, but if anything looks or smells dirty (or if you spill your morning coffee on it), wash right away. And yes, other people will notice that funky smell or that huge spot.

  • After one wear: underwear, socks, undershirts, t-shirts, tank tops, shirts worn with no undershirt
  • After one to three wears: pajamas, button-downs, sweaters (Wearing undershirts will prolong time between washes. A looser sweater could be worn up to six times if undershirts are worn.)
  • After two to four wears: khakis, dress pants, cargo pants, shorts
  • After four to seven wears: jeans, unless they’re selvedge (Washing selvedge denim should be put off as long as possible to allow the natural distressing process to unfold.)
  • After five to seven wears: blazers, jackets (You may be able to prolong time between washings by spot-cleaning and using a fabric refresher to eliminate light odors.)
  • Weekly: towels
  • Weekly to biweekly: bed sheets

And there you have it. Please share any other tips you have in the comments!


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Four Clever (and Easy) Costumes for Guys

You have to admit: with all of the endless Oktoberfest beer specials, reruns of Michael Myers, and bowls of candy corn, you might actually enjoy the spooky season. That is, until you must find the perfect Halloween costume (clever enough to to win awards, but cool enough to win hearts).

That’s where the ladies of A Tip of the Hat come in. Whether you’re pulling it together last-minute or just trying to make your girlfriend proud, we’ve got your go-to costumes covered. The best part about these easy-yet-impressive costumes? Most of them should already be tucked away in your closet or stuffed in your drawers (well, except for the python cuffs and leather whip — but hey, you never know).

P.S. Click through the pics for the perfect costume topper.

1. Don Draper

The perfect excuse to dress dapper and sip whiskey all night long.

2. Crocodile Dundee

You’ve always wanted to say “mate” and see if accents really work.

3. Sherlock Holmes

Because Robert Downey Jr. is sexy, even without the Iron Man costume.

4. Indiana Jones

Everybody loves a rugged, ambitious guy — especially us.

Mad Men Inspired Cocktails

Mad Men has viewers hooked. People just can’t get enough of Don Draper and the show’s commentary on 1960s social mores. And while we gear up for the sixth season, why not get into the spirit with some cocktails inspired by the cast of Mad Men? Perfect for a season premiere party — or just an evening of re-watching old episodes — try one of these retro drinks and transport yourself to 1960s Sterling Cooper Draper Price.

Mad Men cocktail guide



  • 1/2 oz lemon juice
  • 1/2 oz Cointreau or triple sec
  • 1 oz brandy
  • 1 lemon slice
  • Ice cubes

Mix lemon juice, brandy, and Cointreau in a cocktail shaker and fill with ice cubes. Shake and strain into a martini glass and add a lemon slice.

Pimm’s Cup


  • 2 oz Pimm’s No. 1
  • 3 oz ginger ale
  • 1 cucumber slice
  • 1 lemon slice
  • Ice cubes

Pour Pimm’s into a glass filled with ice. Top with ginger ale and complete with a lemon and cucumber slice.

Bloody Mary


  • 1 1/2 oz vodka
  • 2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp horseradish
  • tomato or clamato juice
  • 4 dashes Tabasco sauce
  • celery salt
  • 1 celery stick
  • fresh ground pepper
  • salt

Put all ingredients in a mixing glass and shake briskly. Pour over the rocks into a pint glass. Garnish with a celery stick.

Long Island Iced Tea


  • 1/2 oz vodka
  • 1/2 oz rum
  • 1/2 oz gin
  • 1/2 oz tequila
  • 1/2 oz triple sec
  • 1 oz sweet and sour mix
  • 1 oz cola
  • 1 lemon slice

Pour vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, and sweet and sour mix into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and pour into a hurricane glass. Top off with a splash of cola and a lemon slice.

Bourbon on the Rocks


  • 2 oz bourbon
  • Ice cubes

Pour bourbon into glass filled halfway with ice.

Brandy Alexander


  • 3/4 oz cream
  • 3/4 oz brandy
  • 3/4 oz dark crème de cacao
  • nutmeg

Pour the liquors and cream into a mixing glass. Shake and pour into a martini glass. Garnish the top with nutmeg, to taste.

Gin & Tonic


  • 2 oz gin
  • 4 oz tonic water
  • 1 tbsp fresh lime juice
  • 1 lime slice
  • Ice cubes

Mix gin, tonic water, and lime juice in a tall glass with ice. Top off with a lime slice.

Tom Collins


  • 1 oz fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 1/2 oz gin
  • club soda
  • 2 to three lemon slices

Mix sugar, gin, and lemon juice over ice in a mixing glass. Stir. Strain into a cocktail glass with ice. Top the glass with soda water and garnish with lemon slices.

Vodka Gimlet


  • 1 1/2 oz vodka
  • 3/4 oz lime juice
  • 3 to 4 lime slices

Mix vodka and lime juice together in a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into a martini glass and add 3-4 slices of lime.

For even more cocktails, check out our recipes for manly mixed drinks!

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Designing a Bachelor Pad? What you need to Know.

Alright, so you’re either fresh out of college starting a new chapter entitled “Single Man in the Big City” or you said goodbye to your roommates because you can finally afford to live on your own. You found the place and are ready to make it into an impressive bachelor pad.

Let’s ease our way into this by starting with the entryway. Now, this is where first impressions are made, and you don’t want to send your guests packing before they’ve seen the whole pad. Steven Southon of says an easy way set things off on a good note is to keep it clean and organized using quality shelves, hat racks, and maybe a shoe organizer. With decor, it’s all about the details, Steven notes. In the entryway, hang posters or even your fixie. Be sure to frame any posters you plan on putting up — leave the thumbtacks at your parents’ place.

bike hanging on wall

Hanging your bike is a great way to add detail to your entryway, and it gets the clutter off the ground, making for a safe entry. Photo courtesy of

Moving on to the living room, Men’s Fit Club’s Editorial Staff gives three helpful tips to make your bachelor pad more inviting:

  1. Keep it clean…but not too clean.  You don’t want guests feeling uncomfortable.
  2. Make sure you keep a color scheme of three or four hues in mind.  This will help to declutter the room visually.
  3. It’s time to bring out the art curator in you. The Editorial Staff says a great way to find good, inexpensive art is to go to a small, unnamed gallery that showcases local artists’ work. Finally, keep your juvenile accessories hidden; you’re a man now, not a boy, and the only thing people want to see on your coffee table is the morning paper.
bachelor pad Image source.

Lastly, the interior designer for several A-listers, Mike Valles, gives some last-minute touches to your pad. Bring privacy by hanging black curtains, keeping both window neighbors and the sun from peeking in. Also, appeal to the senses — all of them. Mike says a great way to appeal to both touch and sight is to mix up the texture of your furniture. Another way is to make the best of a great view, if you have one, by opening couches and chairs to the window. Mike’s final note is stay up-to-date on the styles of the day, which is as easy as changing out old throw pillows or appliances for sleek, new ones.

Closet Organization for Men

I know that it’s typically women who envision the perfect closet: rows of shoes, shelves of bags, drawers of jewelry, color and season coordination. But organizing a closet is helpful for men, too. It gives you more space, helps avoid wrinkles (Who has time to iron?), and makes it easier to find the appropriate baseball jersey on game day. However, organizing a closet can take a lot of time, effort, and skill. Not the tidy type? No worries!

Read these quick tips on how to organize your closet:

men's closet organization

1. Out with the old

It’s easier to organize when you have less, so the first step is to get rid of old garments. Anything that you haven’t touched in over a year has got to go! It’s time to part with anything that is torn beyond repair. If you have problems deciding whether you should junk clothes or not, a good idea is to put all your hangers backwards. After you wear and wash something, put it back on a hanger the correct way. If there are any hangers left backwards after six months, then it’s safe to say that those are things that can be donated or thrown away.

2. Keep similar times together

This is really simple to do, so why not? Put all your pants in one place, all your sweaters in another. That way, when you want to wear a button-down shirt, you will know exactly where to look. Once you organize items by category, you can color coordinate within the category or organize the clothes from casual to formal.

3. Consider space savers

If you do those things and still have a messy closet, then it’s time to consider space savers. One idea is packing up clothes that are out of season and storing them in tubs. Under-the-bed tubs are nice because they don’t use space that can be used for much else. You might consider adding extra shelves or another hanging rod — whatever works best for you.

It might seem like a waste of time to organize your closet, but in reality it saves you plenty of time when you’re getting ready. You will know exactly where to find your slacks or your red tie. Just those three simple steps will get you well on your way to a better-organized closet, so perhaps it’s time for a spring-cleaning project.

Best of luck!

Image Source.

Sizing Up when Suiting Up

Men, it’s time to suit up. The corporate world still highly regards suits as the professional choice for work attire. Even veterans on Wall Street won’t allow Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to wear a hoodie to a shareholder meeting. But be careful, wearing an ill-fitting suit may be your worst decision. There are three measurements that tell a man what his best fit is: the chest, the overarm, and the waist, says Delbert’s Clothing INC.

Determining Your Suit Size

Three key measurements when looking for the perfect-fitting suit: chest, overarm, and waist. Photo provided by Delbert's Clothing INC.

To take your suit measurement, you need a flexible tape measure. You also need a friend to help take your measurements.

First, the chest is probably the most important of the three. To measure one’s chest, take a tape measure and wrap it around your chest just under the underarms. Be sure to keep the tape measure parallel with the ground; this ensures you are measuring the thickest part of your chest. In the US, all measurements are taken in inches.

The second measurement is the overarm. This is taken by doing the same as the chest, except the tape will go on the outside of your arms, rather than inside. Now, after you get this, subtract 7 inches from the measurement. Compare this new number to your chest size. Your suit size is the larger of the two numbers.

Finally, to get the trouser size right, you need to measure your waist. Typical waist measurements take the measurement from around your waist, slightly above your hip bones. Trousers also encompass your inseam, which is measured from your crotch to just above your ankle.

The fashion editors at have some quick, helpful tips that you can use when you’re at the store shopping for a suit. Consider these before heading to the register:

For the jacket:

  • Shoulder pads should end at the shoulder — not fall too short or extend beyond
  • On a three-button jacket, the middle button shouldn’t be below your navel
  • On a two-button jacket, the top button shouldn’t be below your navel
  • Your first knuckle should line up with the end of the suit
  • The sleeves should meet where the base of your thumb connects with your wrist

For the trousers:

  • An inch break should be between your pant cuff and the floor.

Now, you can confidently buy a suit and show up on the first day of work dressed to impress.

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