Bailey of Hollywood Tino Crushable Fedora

Bailey of Hollywood Tino Fedora Black

Pack this versatile Bailey of Hollywood Tino Fedora on your next adventure! 

Fold it up, roll it up, or crush it down in your suitcase and this beautiful Bailey Tino fedora will pop right back into shape, ready to go out into the world.

This stunning, durable, water repellent wool felt fedora with a grosgrain ribbon hatband and feather comes in multiple colors (there’s even a crazy bright red!) and can be worn out on a dressed up evening or just for a walk about town. 

Click here to view the Bailey of Hollywood Tino Crushable Fedora in more than 10 stunning colors!

The Many Hats of Tom Petty

The first real concert I ever went to was outside of Atlanta a couple of decades ago. Tom Petty was the headliner, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that experience. You grow up with certain songs in your life, and if there was a constant in the 80’s and early 90’s, it was hearing something great by them.

Along with some fantastic songs, Tom Petty had his own unique style. From oversized top hats in Don’t Come Around Here No More, normal top hats in You Got Lucky, to outback hats in You Don’t Know How It Feels, Petty loved to sport hats on the stage and in his own life. Below are some great looks over the years.

Thumbnail Photo by Larry Philpot

Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Statesman Hats

Movies and entertainment have always been a great testing ground for fashion, and we see numerous new looks that emulating the style that we see after various big and small screen debuts. 2017’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a sequel to the surprise 2014 hit Kingsman: The Secret Service . In this installment, we see the titular Kingsman travel to the United States to team up with their American counterparts the Statesman as the Statesman seem to be fond of the Cowboy and Western look.

Despite a great deal of focus on fashion and style in the original, with a Kingsman hideout beneath the Kingsman tailor shop on Savile Row, we didn’t see many hats in the original movie outside of a few ballcaps and flat caps. In the sequel, we see English director Matthew Vaughn dial up the Americana of the Statesman to 11 with a number of stylish cowboy and western hats sported by Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum, Pedro Pascal and even Englishman Colin Firth.

Above we see Channing Tatum sporting a Buffalo Fur Felt Cowboy Hat. We offer the same look in our Bailey Western Lighting 4X Cowboy Hat

Bailey Western Lightning 4X Cowboy Hat

Bailey Western Lightning 4X Cowboy Hat

Check out the video below for the trailer and don’t forget to check out our Cowboy Hat selection to complete your Statesman look.

Trilby vs. Fedora


The explosion various hat-related memes over the past few years have sparked a debate has as to what constitutes a Trilby vs. a Fedora.  The fedora became an endangered species towards the end of the 1960’s, and the styles of the 1970’s signaled its death knell.  There are many conspiracies as to why its popularity declined, from President Kennedy being the first president to not wear one to the automobile being too small for a head to wear a hat. In any case, reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated.  Many people held out and wore hats regardless of the fashion of the day, and since the turn of the century, the fedora has made a reemergence – you see them on professional athletes, musicians, actors, politicians, in style magazines and more.

While the hat’s popularity has reemerged, it seems that general knowledge about hat styles, materials, and more has not yet caught up, and the fedora became universally applied to several styles.  This is unsurprising as many hat styles are very similar, with just small changes to various parts of the hat, either in size, shape, or material.

The memes

            Simply type in “fedora meme” to any search engine, and you’ll be bombarded with hundreds of images, some funny, some cringe-worthy, and some just outright mean (it’s much easier to sit behind a keyboard and make fun of someone than to have the confidence to go out and be yourself, although we recommend pairing hats with appropriate apparel, utility, occasions and grooming).  As these memes started popping up from a variety of forums and image boards commenting on people wearing hats, most were identified as a fedora.  And because one of the most popular internet sports is telling someone they’re wrong, comments began popping up correcting the authors that that the hats in question were actually Trilbys.

The Trilby Shape

featured-hatThe trilby is generally considered a specific type of fedora (much like a square is a specific type of rectangle,) but it definitely stands on its own as a specific type of hat.  A trilby generally has a much smaller brim (sometimes called a “Stingy Brim” fedora), and sometimes a taller crown than your standard fedora.  Like a fedora, the trilby has a hat band, usually a ribbon, but unlike the fedora, the trilby has emerged with many more patterns and colors. The brim of the hat is generally flipped up in the back and down in the front.  So in general, if you see a hat that looks like a fedora, but it has a very small brim, chances are it can be considered a Trilby.

The trilby gets its name from George du Maurier’s 1894 novel Trilby, and specifically from the stage production of the play which used the hat style.

At, we recommend the trilby for individuals who do not have as broad of shoulders, have a skinnier face, and are tall and lengthy. Musicians of late have really embraced the Trilby such as Pharrell, Jason Mraz, and Bruno Mars.  One of the modern icons of trilby fashion is Justin Timberlake, who seems to pull it off very well about 95% of the time (we’ll just ignore the 2001 all-denim suit and denim trilby).

The Fedora

tn_images-W-321003-CHATHAM-jpg_w320_h253The fedora is more of a classic look with a much wider brim then the trilby, and made of more traditional hat materials such as beaver / rabbit / or wool fur felt or mixtures thereof.  Further confusing the landscape, The Panama (ironically of Ecuadorian origin and popularized during the construction of the Panama Canal) hat is pretty much identical in shape to a fedora, but normally made using varieties of straw.  Fedoras traditionally are more subdued and conservative, with earthy tones and colors, and match best with suits and semi-formal wear.  This is especially true due to the wider-shouldered profile suit and sports jackets create.  Fedoras are not limited to just suits, they also seem to fit archaeologists very well, especially with a leather jacket, a whip.  At least if you’re named Harrison Ford.

What Did We Learn?

That you’re probably just wasting your time trying to correct people online, so why not grow a little confidence, grab your own trilby or fedora and make an adventure offline.

Artist Spotlight: Bruno Mars


Bruno Mars @ Warehouse Live – by Brothers Le –

You can’t turn on the radio these days without hearing the familiar bass drop and plucky guitar of “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. While the song was released late in 2014, it’s upbeat, summery-feel, that sounds like it came straight from the playbook of Prince or Stevie Wonder. However, even the ubiquity of “Uptown Funk” doesn’t surpass the thing Bruno Mars has become even more known for in pop-culture: his ever present fedora.
Artists and music icons usually have an easier time getting away with certain fashion styles, accessories, and headwear – they’re sort of expected to do and wear things outside of the norm. However, Mars effortlessly styles his hats with an array of dressed up and dressed down looks that are achievable by anyone, but it all comes down to having the right hat. Mars seems to prefer traditional fedora shapes in either a front-pinch or center dent crown, with a rather wide brim. Here are a few styles Mars has sported and some options that will get you uptown funk-ing in no time.

For this brown, fur-felt hat Mars is seen sporting here, we like the Stetson Eagle for it’s simple style, mid-length brim, and ability to wear the brim flat, or upturned.

bruno_1This hat is another front-pinch, teardrop shaped style that sports a bound, rather than raw edge around the brim. The stingy brims on hat such as the Kangol Litefelt Player are generally worn turned up around the head.


bruno_4Another staple of Mars growing hat collection is this black, wool-felt hat with plain lines and a center pinch on the front. We like the Dobbs Fur Felt Dayton for its wide-brim and simple, raw-edge brim.


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Jurassic Park Hats

With Jurassic World roaring out to a record box-office weekend, we thought we’d take a look back at some great Jurassic Park hats that have popped up over the years.

1. Dr. Alan Grant (played by Sam Neill).  Dr. Grant is a paleontologist who enjoys hunting for dinosaur bones before being hunted himself.  He sports a variety of hats throughout the series, mostly wider-brimmed fedoras.  Starting off in Jurassic Park, Dr. Grant is shown wearing a custom-made straw fedora, or panama fedora, with most likely a horsehair hat band with tassles.

Alan Grant Jurassic Park Hat

While we cannot find an exact copy, we do have a few hats that are similar – the Brittoli Governor Panama Hat, the Stetson Retro Panama Straw Fedora and the Scala Grade 3 Panama C-Crown Hat.

In Jurassic Park III, Dr. Grant opts for an olive green fur felt fedora with a black ribbon hat band.

Dr. Grant’s Felt Fedora in Jurassic Park III

The hat is custom-made and looks to be crushable for travel, but we do have a few similar hats, the Bailey of Hollywood Briar in Pale Olive and the Country Gentleman Dickens in Khaki.

2. John Hammond (played by Richard Attenborough).  Attenborough can be seen in many hats throughout his storied acting career, but as John Hammond he first appears in a stylish wide-straw hat with a wide white hat band and a telescope crown (no pinches).

John Hammond’s Straw Hat

We were able to find one hat fairly close in style to this custom hat, the Bailey of Hollywood Roll Up II Panama Fedora.

3. Robert Muldoon (played by Bob Peck).  Muldoon is the park’s game warden in Jurassic Park, and seems to be one of the few employees who realizes the serious danger everyone in the park could be in at a moment’s notice.  Muldoon meets a memorable fate, but is normally seen wearing an outback hat throughout the movie with one side snapped up.

Bob Peck - Jurassic Park Hats

We have found an almost identical hat in our Bailey of Hollywood Dalton Safari Hat.

4. Others.  There are quite a few other great hats in the movies throughout the years, especially in the original Jurassic Park:

Dr. Ellie Sattler’s Cotton Bucket Hat

Donald Genarro, “The Blood Sucking Lawyer” wearing a classic Panama Fedora

Dennis Nedry’s contact Dodgson wearing a great raffia fedora trying to “blend in”

A Rant Against the “Performance Polo”

HFedhT43Xgi30cxXuHrm1QUoA4a9rQ1Bx0qBUyklM3stIbxV9obcGnbtCqfFAdgyMbC7Fj6lzmw9i63MeWpPsgLet’s face it guys, we want to look good while generally not going to great lengths to do so.  Sometimes we want to look good to impress others, but more importantly we should do it to improve ourselves.  One article of clothing that has made its way into America’s wardrobes that needs to be severely limited is the Performance Polo.

A Bit of History

A few decades ago, Polyester was dead, as dead as disco.  It still worked great in fabric blends and had its niche uses great for hiking, sports shirts and more due to being lightweight and fast drying.  Then, in the late ‘90’s, a company called Under Amour popped up on the scene aggressively pushing Polyester based fabric shirts for sports use.  They worked great, and Under Armour’s rise since, along with major sports apparel companies following suit, meant that polyester based fabrics spilled out all over the apparel market.  With fabric costs similar to cotton and other blends, the cost to make these “performance” apparel lines are similar, but because companies were able to advertise them as new and improved and as  “performance” gear, they were able to initially sell these goods at a higher price than their cotton counterparts.

Polyester Stuff Can Be Great

As an avid athlete and outdoorsman, I have to say it’s nice having a wide selection of performance apparel available nowadays.  You no longer look like a drowned rat from a long sweaty set on the court or an afternoon hike on a Sunday like you did with soaked cotton shirts.  For certain professions, performance polos are a godsend.  Electricians, roofers, plumbers, groundskeepers, and hundreds more professions that are working in hot, humid areas throughout the day can do so much more comfortably and still look composed when they chat with the customer afterwards.

Where We Went Wrong

I woke up one day to notice that about 95% of the polo shirts in my wardrobe were now Performance Polos, most all 100% Polyester.  While I hadn’t purchased most of them and had gotten many as gifts and at various jobs over the years, letting my closet get this way was certainly my doing.  When I’m at restaurants, or at bars, or out shopping, most of the polos I see nowadays are polyester.  How did that happen??  Ok, I know you’re itching for me to get to the point about why the Performance Polo is so bad, so here goes:

  1. They don’t fit well. While this can be an issue with normal cotton polos, I feel like there are many more cuts and styles of performance polos.  Companies try to create new styles every year, resulting in a wide variety of size and fit differences, even among well-known brands.
  2. They run. Within a few months, any polyester polo I get will inevitably become snagged and the thread begins to run.  It’s fairly obvious and stands out and is hard to fix.
  3. They are thin. Have you ever seen a woman wearing a performance polo in public without a bra?  These shirts show everything underneath them, and most people don’t want to see outlines of your nipples and nipple-hair when we’re out and about.  At the very least throw on an undershirt (which basically negates the performance aspect of your polo.)
  4. The collars aren’t flattering. The collars generally flatten out wide, so make sure to find narrow collars.  Cheaper weaves can also curl, and no amount of ironing (good luck with ironing polyester) will make them straight again.
  5. They’re rough. Yes, there are some particularly soft weaves, but the vast majority of polos are rough against your skin, and don’t feel that good. Now don’t get me wrong, I embrace rough when appropriate, but I’d prefer a soft cotton polo most times, say on a 5 hour flight.
  6. They aren’t particularly dressy. Look at virtually any fashion magazine – guys wearing polos in photo shoots aren’t wearing polos from their local golf shop.  They’re wearing properly fitted cotton or mixed polos that don’t blind you when a bright light happens to shine on them.  Most performance polos have logos, sports cuts, and look like a lazy man’s idea of dressing up.

So fellas, if you’re interested in looking good in short-sleeve polos this summer, keep the polyester Performance Polos away unless you’re actually going to be sweating.

Fedoras Off The Shoulder Top – Blue White Flowers / Ruffle

This Fedoras x DressHead blue white flowers / ruffle off the shoulder top is going to be the must have for this spring and summer. The material is really soft and feels very good against the skin. This is a great off the shoulder top to put over your favorite little, snug fitting, black dress. The other wonderful things about this Fedoras x DressHead off the shoulder top is that it can be worn with your most comfortable casual attire. This off the shoulder top hangs open or you can use a belt to keep it closed. The material is so thin and light weight you can even use this as a cover for your bathing suit when you go to the pool or the beach. This is a very stylish off the shoulder top that says you have a personality with a wild side. You can order this Fedoras x DressHead off the should top in a small, medium, or large. The model here is wearing a small and it is designed to fit a shoulder width of 33cm and the sleeves are 46cm long.

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Street Style Roundup: 2013 Fall Hat Preview

While it’s likely that hats played a role in your casual summer look, it’s even more likely that hats will be incorporated into your style as autumn arrives and the weather gets cooler. Each season we look to our favorite male style bloggers to investigate the creative ways they’re incorporating toppers into their looks. Take a gander at these stylish gents and their summer-to-fall attire — hats included, of course!

1. The Baseball Cap

Street Style Roundup: Edward of Edward's Hair

Baseball caps are casual and practical for any time of year, but we like how Edward of Edward’s Hair chose a heavier wool style, as compared to the typical cotton blend. Rather than pairing his cap with a T-shirt and denim, he opted for a striped button-up and khakis. Check out this Dobbs Recycled Ball Cap for a dressier take on the baseball cap!

2. The Pork Pie

Street Style Roundup: Justin of Scout Sixteen

We can always turn to Justin of Scout Sixteen (our Spring 2013 Man of Style) for a unique, hipster vibe. Here he’s paired rolled denim and a plaid shirt with red oxfords and a pork pie. This Kangol Ashton Braid Pork Pie is a close match.

3. The Boater

Street Style Roundup: Adam of I Am Galla

This Gatsby-inspired look by Adam of I Am Galla is ideal for the working man with an eye for style. Again, cuffed denims take the stage (this time in a pale yellow), with a blazer and tie, aviators, and a boater hat similar to the Christys’ of London Hemp Braid Boater Hat. As the season progresses, move away from pastels, and look for pants in darker colors such as rust and oxblood.

4. The Fedora

Street Style Roundup: Lou of Dapper Lou

We love this professional look from Dapper Lou, and we’ve got to say that Lou sure does look dapper! As the season turns from late summer to full-blown fall, you can expect to put on the layers. Simple slacks pair nicely with a belted trench and shirt-and-tie combo. Lou even goes one step further with velvet smoking shoes, a printed scarf, and a fedora like this Henschel Soft Felt Diamond Crown Stingy Brim Fedora Hat.

5. The Fisherman Cap (Beanie)

Street Style Roundup: Justin of Scout Sixteen

While we all appreciate work-appropriate attire, weekend wear is where we can truly express our style. Another great look by Scout Sixteen, Justin looks trendy (not to mention, comfortable) in simple khaki slacks with laced boots, a printed tee, and a knitted cap like the Bailey of Hollywood Riga Fisherman Cap.

Gals in Fedoras: Summer Hat Style

Well, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that this is our last Gals in Fedoras post. We have had so much fun looking at beautiful ladies in awesome hats, and we’re sad to see our series draw to a close. The good news, though, is that we’re ending with another amazing set of ladies rocking some fabulous hats. Today we’re featuring Kailani of Kailani’s Korner and Rosalyn of My Fancy Pants. Both show off their love for summer attire with airy dresses and the perfect complementary hat.

We’re still in the thick of summer, so read on to learn how to incorporate a hat into your own summer wardrobe!

Kailani of Kailani’s Korner

Gals in Fedoras: Kailani of Kailani's Korner

Where would you wear this look?

Kailani: I would wear this look to a morning brunch with friends or even on a trip to the farmers market.  

What is your favorite way to style hats this season?

Kailani: I love pairing hats with a simple outfit such as jeans and a T-shirt or a casual sundress. I think that hats have the ability to turn an old outfit into a fab one immediately.

Which of our hats best fits your personal style?

Kailani: This question is a tough one, because I am a HUGE hat person. I have an abundant amount, from baseball caps, beanies, and fedoras all the way to newsie caps. But, living in southern California by the beach, I must say that I find myself reaching for wide brim hats that not only make a fashion statement, but keep my face protected while out and about. I am going to have to go with the Raffia Sun Hat with Chiffon Bow.

What is your favorite summer hairstyle?

Kailani: With the warm weather and my long hair, I rotate between a fishtail braid, a top knot, and beachy waves.

Rosalyn of My Fancy Pants

Gals in Fedoras: Rosalyn of My Fancy Pants

Where would you wear this look?

Rosalyn: I would wear this look to a spring lunch/brunch with friends or family.

What is your favorite way to style hats this season?

Rosalyn: I love wearing hats in several ways. When it’s cooler outside, I like floppy, bohemian style hats to pair with a light sweater or simple top. When the weather is warmer, I love Panama style hats to wear with shorts and summer tops as well as with my swimsuit when on the beach. I also love summer straw hats to dress up my swimsuit while lounging by the pool with my kids.

Which of our hats best fits your personal style?

Rosalyn: My top picks are the Two Tone Toyo Wide Brim Hat and the Kangol Heritage Lite Felt Diva. I would wear these all year ’round.

Thank you to Kailani of Kailani’s Korner and Rosalyn of My Fancy Pants for speaking with us! We also want to thank all of our readers for following this series from beginning to end, and to all of the style bloggers who made this series possible. We hope you’ve enjoyed our wonderful gals in fedoras!

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