7 New Hat Guides for Spring

Over the last couple of months, the Fedoras.com team has been busy researching, cleaning, sizing, and styling our hats in every way possible. Some may call us crazy, but we call it dedication. After all, becoming a master of hats is no easy feat, which is why we’ve created a brand new batch of hat resources just for you!

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1. Hat Sizing

Using a tape measure — or a ruler and string — learn our three quick steps to hat sizing, and let our easy-to-follow measurement chart be your guide.

Hat Sizing Chart   Find Your Hat Size

2. Hat Cleaning

From cloth hats to straw toppers, learn the correct way to treat, rinse, wash, and rid your hat of spots and stains.

Hat Cleaning

3. Hat Care

Read our top care commandments for keeping your hat as perfect as the day you bought it.

Hat Care Commandments

4. Hat Etiquette

Yep, there really is a very right — and very wrong — way to wear one, so be sure to keep this list of hat manners handy. We’d like to give a special shoutout to The Art of Manliness, Jessica, Barbara, Emma, Landgirl, Jay, Laura Mae, George, The Emily Post Institute, Sven Raphael Schneider, Andy, GetKempt.com, Darla, and Stevie for sharing your hat advice and expertise!

Hat Etiquette Guide

5. Men’s Style Guide

Master the sharpest hat trends, seasonal style essentials, and most coveted looks for spring.

Spring Style guide

6. Kentucky Derby Fashion

Headed to Churchill Downs in a few weeks? Read our men’s guide and women’s guide to looking your absolute best on race day. (You and your date can thank us later.)

Kentucky Derby Fashion for Men

Kentucky Derby Fashion for Women

7. Mad Men Guide

Mad Men Season 6 is in full swing! Looking to dress like your favorite character? With the help of our favorite retro style bloggers, we’ll help you dress the part! Be sure to check out our ’60s-inspired hat guide and beverage guide, too.

Mad Men Style Guide

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Our Favorite Posts from 2012

Remember when we taught you how to concoct a manly mixed drink? Or the day we gave you the 411 on what ladies think about your cologne? Or, what about the time we taught you how to do your laundry? It’s been a great year writing A Tip of the Hat since its launch this past March.

Just in case you missed some of our posts along the way, we rounded up some of this year’s most memorable…

A Guy’s Guide to Gift Buying — This is a great one for all of you last-minute shoppers scrambling to get holiday gifts the morning of (or even after-the-fact). Read our tips, and don’t disappoint her again this year.

How to Stock a Bar — Our very first post, this oldie-but-goodie shows you the essential items needed for an at-home bar.

Style File: Don Draper — Who doesn’t want to emulate the always-dapper Don Draper?

Mad Men Inspired Cocktails — Speaking of Don Draper, check out our recipes for Mad Men-inspired cocktails. Learn how to make a Vodka Gimlet, a Brandy Alexander, a Tom Collins, and a Bloody Mary.

Tips on Going Tailor-Made — When it comes to buying a suit, we recommend going tailor-made. Read our tips on finding a tailor, choosing a fabric, communicating with your tailor, and keeping it fresh.

15 Manly Mustaches for Movember — In honor of Movember, we rounded up 15 of the best mustaches of the modern world, from Daniel Day-Lewis to Alex Trebek.

Designing a Bachelor Pad? What You Need to Know — Guys living on your own, take note of our bachelor pad decor ideas. We’ll help you create a classy, yet masculine, space for yourself.

How to Find the Perfect Jeans Cut — We cover all the cuts so you can discover the best jeans for your body type and style. Remember, if your jeans don’t fit correctly, color and style don’t matter.

Four Clever (and Easy) Costumes for Guys — Our Halloween costume ideas revolved around hats (of course) and staples that you probably already have hanging in your closet.

Get Straight with Your Razor — This brief history of shaving will convince you to go get a straight razor shave. By the way, did you know men used to shave with clam shells?

Happy Holidays from A Tip of the Hat!


15 Manly Mustaches for Movember

Bare upper lips be gone! It’s officially Movember, and in celebration of this manly month, we’re paying tribute to 15 of the finest mustaches the modern world has ever known. Happy ‘staching!

Daniel Day-Lewis mustache
Daniel Day-Lewis

Tom Selleck mustache
Tom Selleck

Seth Avett mustache
Seth Avett

Salvador Dali MustacheSalvador Dali

Ron Swanson mustache
Ron Swanson

Clarke Gable mustacheClark Gable

Zac Efron mustacheZac Efron

Freddie Mercury mustache
Freddie Mercury

Ron Burgundy mustacheRon Burgundy

Jason Schwartzman mustache
Jason Schwartzman

Morgan Spurlock mustacheMorgan Spurlock

Johnny Depp mustacheJohnny Depp

John Waters mustacheJohn Waters

Jason Lee mustacheJason Lee

Alex Trebek mustacheAlex Trebek

We mustache you — which work of facial hair art is the most masculine of them all?

A Guy’s Guide to Doing Laundry

So you’re out on your own and just beginning to master the tasks of being an adult — cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, etc. You think you’ve got it aaaall figured out, until you notice the huge pile of laundry taking over most of your floor space. Unfortunately, that laundry isn’t going to do itself.

No need to panic. Just follow our quick and easy Guy’s Guide to Doing Laundry.

vintage laundry advertisement men
1. Go Shopping

Detergent is what cleans your clothes. There are liquid and powder varieties, and what you use is a personal choice. Make sure to get a color-safe kind to keep your whites white and your colors bright. These days, most detergents have fabric softeners in them, so go ahead and skip buying extra. Or, you can buy dryer sheets for extra softness.

If you’re a messy lad, grab a bottle of spray-on stain remover — this stuff lasts forever.

2. Sort and Check

Before you get going, read the tags of any dress shirts, sweaters, dress pants, or nice clothes that you don’t want to inadvertently ruin. You may have clothes that are dry clean only, and washing them with water may destroy them.

Next, sort your clothing by color. Typically, loads consist of darks, whites, or colors. Just beware of the red! Red clothing can bleed onto your other clothes, so you may opt to wash your reds with darks (or alone if you have lots of red). To keep your jeans from fading, turn them inside out before washing them.

Then, check those pockets! Yes, each and every one — you can thank us later.

3. Size it Out

Be mindful of your load sizes. If your loads are too big, your clothes may not get as clean as they should, and loads too small may be wasteful. If a load is too big, make it two loads. If it’s too small and you won’t need these items right away, wait until you have enough to make a bigger load.

vintage man doing laundry post card4. Start the Spaceship

Starting the washer is easy, but we’ll break it down for you:

  1. Choose a load size. Use small if you fill 1/3 of the washer drum, medium if you fill 1/2 of the drum, large if you fill 3/4 of the drum, or extra large if you fill the drum.
  2. Choose a water temperature. Typically, darks should be washed in cooler water to prevent fading and shrinking, while whites should be washed in warm water. More durable fabrics such as towels can be safely washed in warm water. Again, read the tags of your clothes; most will specify the appropriate water. However, if you’re not sure, you can wash everything on cold to be safe.
  3. Choose a cycle. You’re probably safe using the “regular” cycle.
  4. Start the cycle.
  5. Measure and add your detergent. Read the detergent instructions to know how much to measure.
  6. Throw in the clothes.
  7. Close the lid.
5. Beware of the Dryer

Pay attention to what materials your clothes are made of before tossing them in the dryer — read the tags for this information. Considerable amounts of cotton will shrink significantly, so if you don’t want it to shrink, let it hang-dry on a clothes hanger. Some delicate materials should skip the dryer altogether. As a rule of thumb, use low heat for your delicates and low medium/high heat for everything else. If you opted for dryer sheets, be sure to toss one in before turning it on!

Don’t forget to clean out the lint trap before running the dryer! Also, remove clothes from the dryer as soon as they’re dry. This will prevent unsightly wrinkles. Clothes still wrinkled? Iron them. Trust us, you’ll look like a million bucks if you do.

How Often Do I Need to Wash My Clothes?

Here’s a good rule of thumb, but if anything looks or smells dirty (or if you spill your morning coffee on it), wash right away. And yes, other people will notice that funky smell or that huge spot.

  • After one wear: underwear, socks, undershirts, t-shirts, tank tops, shirts worn with no undershirt
  • After one to three wears: pajamas, button-downs, sweaters (Wearing undershirts will prolong time between washes. A looser sweater could be worn up to six times if undershirts are worn.)
  • After two to four wears: khakis, dress pants, cargo pants, shorts
  • After four to seven wears: jeans, unless they’re selvedge (Washing selvedge denim should be put off as long as possible to allow the natural distressing process to unfold.)
  • After five to seven wears: blazers, jackets (You may be able to prolong time between washings by spot-cleaning and using a fabric refresher to eliminate light odors.)
  • Weekly: towels
  • Weekly to biweekly: bed sheets

And there you have it. Please share any other tips you have in the comments!


Images: 1, 2

Rolando’s Top 3 Dapper Hair Products

As a man with really thick hair, I’ve always had to keep my hair product game tight. And this has cost me a lot of embarrassment and money over the years. But that’s not to say I haven’t come out on top in the end.  After experimenting and doing my own research, my hair looks pretty dapper these days.

I’m going to share with you my top three go-to products for achieving a dapper, Mad Men-esque hair style.Keep in mind, my hair is very thick and coarse. This means if your hair is also thick and coarse, these products might be perfect for you — or they might not.  No head of hair will react the same way to any product, so finding the right ones may require some trial and error.

When trying new products, it’s always best to start with freshly trimmed hair. Experiment with these products below and other products. Read reviews on Amazon.com and other reputable sources. Don’t believe everything you hear, but also don’t shy away from taking some dude’s opinion on Amazon.com  because he  might have the same problem we all have:  no SWAG without hair product.

When reading reviews and trying new products, remember that the most important factors are longevity, hold, shine, and cost. So without further adieu, here are my top three dapper hair products:

1)    Moco De Gorila Gel

Moco de Gorila[Moco De Gorila]

This is my go-to product when I really want my hair to flatten down and stay put in that vintage 60s Mad Men style. I’m not sure what’s in Moco De Gorila gel (the packaging says they use natural ingredients), but it works. And it works very, very well.  There are four different holds (Galan, Sport, Rockero, and Punk), and each one is pretty awesome.

While I started off with estilo Punk, I found it to be too stiff, so I scaled down to estilo Rockero. Pay no attention to the style names. I’m convinced these products are perfect for dapper, slicked-back hair.

Moco  De Gorila gel will keep your hair very shiny and in place. I’m sure I could step outside during a hurricane and my hair style would still be intact.  In fact, I usually go to sleep with Moco De Gorila still on my hair and I wake up with my hair style 100 percent in place.

Yes, I know there are other products like pomades and waxes that achieve the Mad Men look, but none of them work as well for me as Moco De Gorila.

As of late, Moco De Gorila seems to be taking off. In the past, I could only find it in boutiques, but I am now finding it everywhere from CVS to Target. This may or may not be unique to the Miami market as we have a strong Hispanic population and the product is packaged in Spanish. However, if you can’t find it at your local store, it’s easily found online as well.

PROS: extremely strong hold, HIGH shine, very cheap
CONS:  once product dries and settles in, your hair style is unmovable unless you wash it off
COST: $3 to $4 for 11.99 oz

2)    American Crew Fiber

American Crew Fiber[American Crew Fiber]

American Crew has always been known for great hair products. Not only do the products work well, but they smell good and come in slick packaging.

The Fiber line is by far my favorite. First, it smells great. Second, it does what it’s supposed to do. It tames my frizzy, coarse hair and makes me look presentable.  (Seriously, it’s a life saver.) Also, it lasts throughout the day. This is extremely important because if a hair product doesn’t last, it defeats the purpose of using it and sets you up for social embarrassment later on. Most cheap hair products dissolve after one to two hours and leave your hair looking terrible mid-day. American Crew Fiber goes the distance and has me looking fly well into the evening. American Crew also has a styling cream with a stronger hold than the Fiber line, but it’s far too stiff for my taste.

For me, the trick to achieving maximum dapper from this product is timing it correctly after I get out of the shower . You don’t want to apply it when your hair is too wet becuase the water will dissolve the product in 30 to 60 minutes.  You also don’t want to wait until your hair is too dry because the product won’t apply well. Experimenting with the product will help you perfect your timing.

PROS:  smells great, strong hold (but not too strong), high shine, is affordable compared to other high-end salon products (see below)
CONS: oily and a bit “soapy”
COST: $10 to $15 for 3.0 oz

3)    Kerastase Capital Force Densifying Modeling Paste

Kerastase Homme Gel Capital Force

Kerastase Homme Capital Force

Years ago, after trying many basic and inexpensive hair products, I decided to give Kerastase a try. It was the first product that really met my needs all-around, and I was a huge fan of it for years and spent lots of money online and at posh salons buying it.

Honesty, Kerastase Capital Force Paste is more or less tied with American Crew Fiber in terms of function. I might even prefer the Kerastase product on some days, but when you factor in cost, American Crew Fiber is the superior product. There is no reason to pay $30 to $40 in this economy for a small jar that might last you a month.  Kerastase Capital Force Paste has good hold, but it definitely does not last as long as American Crew Fiber.

NOTE: Some reviewers on Amazon.com say L’Oreal’s Overworked Hair Putty is the same exact product as Kerastase’s Capital Force — with the same exact ingredients for less money. This is simply untrue. While the ingredients are similar in the L’Oreal product, it’s  not the same mix, and it just doesn’t have the same hold or shine as the Kerastase Capital Force product. It wears off very quickly.

PROS: great smell, strong hold, high shine, creamy soft feel
CONS:  high cost for small jar
COST: $30 to $40+ for 2.55 oz

Do you have any product recommendations for those trying to achieve a dapper hair style?

How to Achieve the Bedhead Look

Taking care of your image can be exhausting. From picking out clothes to styling your hair, it can become quite a chore. Add in shaving or beard trimming and taking care of your skin and we are talking at least 30 minutes a day. And who has that? Ok, maybe the women who spend much more time a day getting ready would contend that 30 minutes isn’t so bad. But for someone on the go who wants to be able to sleep in a little, it definitely is.

If only there were a way you could just roll out of bed and go with the flow and still look acceptable, right?

Wait, what’s this about the bedhead look? This is a quite popular — and not to mention sexy — hairstyle.

robert pattinson bed head

Robert Pattinson – A master of the bedhead look.

Unfortunately, despite its name, achieving the bedhead look is more than just rolling out of bed. In fact, there are even “bed head” hair products. Who knew looking sleepy requires so much work. The good news is that achieving the look is not too difficult. Here are some tips:

Achieving this look can start as early as in the shampooing process. Look for shampoos that will provide your hair with more body.

Gel it up
When you get out of the shower, use a gel or mousse on your damp hair. Get a generous amount (but keep in mind, you don’t want to soak your hair) and work it all the way from your roots to your tips. Have fun ruffling it through your hair making strands stick out here and there. Remember that you are creating a messy look, so don’t put too much thought into it.

Time to dry
Once you have worked the product through your hair, it’s time for the finishing touches. Pat your head with a towel to remove excess gel. Then blow dry it to get the “I just rolled out of bed after a wild night” look. Make sure you flip your head over and pull your roots away from your scalp with your fingers for ultimate volume.

After those steps, your look is complete. You might want to check it out and move a couple strands, but for the most part you should just let your hair fall where it wants to; remember this look isn’t supposed to be kempt. These little steps will make it seem like you spent no time on your hair at all (which sounds counterproductive, but it’s definitely the “in” look).

Image Source: 1

5 Steps to Healthier Skin

For most men, skin care isn’t a high priority. A splash of cold water on the face and you’re good to go for the  day. However, the skin is the largest and most noticeable organ of the body. Like it or not, people form a first impression based upon what they see — and skin can play a huge role in that. Healthy skin will make you look healthier and keep you looking younger. Gentlemen, here are some simple tips for taking care of your skin.

mens skin care

1. Wash Your Face
It seems so easy, right? But simply reaching for the bar soap will not do. In fact, that will dry out your skin beyond belief. And when your skin dries out, it over-produces oil, resulting in blemishes. Invest in a quality face cleanser for men that will help wash away dead skin cells and keep your pores clean. Aim to wash twice a day (maybe at the same time you brush your teeth), but at least wash once a day, and you will be on your way to a healthier you.

2. Moisturize
Why should moisturizer be just for the women? The answer is: it’s not. Everyone’s skin dries out when exposed to the elements, and a little moisturizer once a day will help prevent dry, flaky skin. It will also make shaving an easier task, hopefully with less nicks.

3. Shaving
Speaking of shaving, make sure you do it properly. It’s important to wet your face with hot water prior to shaving to soften the hairs. Apply shaving cream and be sure to use a sharp razor in the direction of the hairs. After shaving, the face should be rinsed to remove excess shaving cream, and a good aftershave lotion should be used.

4. Protect Your Skin From the Sun
The sun’s harmful UV rays can be your skin’s worst nightmare. Be sure to use sunblock when outdoors. It’s recommended to use at least SPF 30, and a shot glass worth of lotion is the general rule of thumb when it comes to how much you should apply. You can also protect your skin by wearing a shady Panama hat when in direct sun.

5. Pay Attention to the Lips
Cracking and peeling lips are never attractive. Invest in a nice lip balm, particularly one with SPF protection.

Taking those five simple steps will help you look and feel your best, so why not give it a go?

Image source: The Men’s Room

Get Straight with Your Razor

Men, shaving has been going on longer than we think, and no shave has been more monumental than the straight razor. There’s a reason why some men still prefer a barber to handle their neck rather than themselves.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a secret to a straight razor shave that, once unlocked, will provide you with a clean shave every time. No, the secret to a straight razor is with its tradition and practice.

Tradition is the dividing factor when choosing to get a straight razor shave. According to Kennedy’s All American Barber Club’s Abbreviated History of Straight Razors, back in the day (about 5000+ years ago) men shaved with shark teeth, clam shells, and even pieces of flint. The Egyptians made razors out of gold in about 4000 BC. It wasn’t until 1740 that the first razor was introduced, says Kennedy’s All American Barber Club. And from then on, until about the 1950s, the straight razor was the pristine choice of men worldwide.

old photo of barber shop

Take part in a tradition that dates back longer than your great grandpa. Photo courtesy of Art of Manliness.com.

Brett McKey, Art of Manliness.com, states that a straight razor shave is also relaxingly dangerous, making it the manliest way to remove facial hair. Brett says nothing is more relaxing than having a hot towel placed on your face with fragrance of shaving cream following shortly behind. “The few times I’ve gotten a straight razor shave,” says Brett, “I’ve fallen asleep.” He also remarks on the danger of allowing another man to wield a sharp blade around your face, trusting that he won’t screw up.

Yet, much credit of a clean straight razor shave goes to the barber. National Geographic’s documentary Secrets to Shaving recalls how grooming wasn’t the only part of a barber’s profession in the 16 – 18th centuries. Believe it or not, barbers were also surgeons due to their sharp blades and steady hands. While saving lives left their profession, barbers kept the steady hand and perfected the practice.

Now, join in on an age-old tradition of danger, let the hot towel calm your nerves, and sit in ease as the steady hands of the barber slide a cold piece of steel across your cheeks.

How to Shave Happy

Let’s face it, fellas. Shaving isn’t the highlight of every man’s morning, especially when razor burn and irritation are the results of this necessary evil. Shaving leaves a man’s face feeling one of two ways: fresh and smooth or inflamed and bumpy. The preference is obvious, and it directly correlates with high self esteem.  What man doesn’t want that? It’s time to add some new tips and tricks to your shaving practices in order to prevent common irritation and maintain a soft, glowing face.

How to avoid razor burn

Image Source

First, it’s important to understand the common causes of razor burn and irritation. Problems are difficult to resolve without understanding the cause. The top three causes of razor burn are:

  • Excessive pressure
    • The razor should only be pressed gently against the skin. When a great deal of pressure seems necessary a new blade is needed.
  • Dull blades
    • Excessive pressure and dull blades go hand in hand. When a blade is dull the shaver has a tendency to apply too much pressure. Invest in a product that allows for replaceable razor heads to ensure the closest shave possible. Replace razor heads frequently — especially cheap, disposable razors.
  • Minimal or no lubrication
    • A good lather is half the battle. Apply warm water to the location that will be shaved in order to soften the hair and open pores. Then, apply a shaving gel or cream that provides a creamy lather to allow the blade to glide smoothly across the lubricated area. Men-U, an award winning line of men’s hair, shaving, and skin care products, advises shavers to stay away from cheap shaving creams that foam because it causes more resistance between the skin and blade than creamy products

Detailing ‘the perfect shave experience,’ The Art of Shaving offers a four-step shaving  process that all men should follow. Whether you prefer shaving near the sink or in the shower, these are easy-to-follow steps.

  1. Prepare — The Art of Shaving suggests its Pre-Shave Oil that provides skin protection and improves razor glide. Inexpensive pre-shaving oils can be found at your local convenient store to maintain healthy skin.
  2. Lather up — Use a creamy shaving gel or cream to reduce resistance between the blade and face. Specialty creams exist that require a brush to generate a creamy lather.
  3. Shave — Shave gently with the grain of the beard using a sharp razor. For a closer shave, re-lather and shave against the grain of the beard, as advised by The Art of Shaving.
  4. Moisturize — Rinse the freshly shaven face with cold water and apply an after shave moisturizer. Here is a list of the top rated after shave products by GoodGuide.

Keeping these shaving tips and tricks in mind next time you lather up will hopefully diminish the daunting task of shaving and turn the process into a refreshing morning ritual. If you have sensitive skin, do some extra research on the best products for your skin type. Looking good shouldn’t be painful, and now it doesn’t have to be!


Men’s Guide to Cologne, From a Ladies Perspective.

Ask any lady, and they’ll all tell you the same; There’s nothing as great as a good-smelling man. Whether the scent comes simply from the soap they use, or if they purposefully wear cologne, a good scent is a great thing to have. We polled our office, friends, and even a Beverly Hills fragrance specialist to find out the top picks in men’s cologne.

Burberry Brit for MenBurberry Brit for Men Women’s POV: Clean, manly, and sophisticated.

Notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Green Mandarin, Wild Rose, Nutmeg, Oriental Woods Accords, Musk

Price Range: $57-$75

L’homme by Yves Saint Laurent
L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent
Women’s POV: Makes you think of the classic, All-American man. Has a lightly gingered musk with a robust amber-cedar-vanilla finish. There’s a very light hint of violet leaf, which gives a hint of sensitivity to the warm, masculine fragrance.

Notes: Cedar, White Ginger, White Pepper, Cedarwood, Tonka Bean, Bergamot, Ozonic Notes, Basil Flower, Violet Leaves, Haiti Vetiver

Price Range: $45-$95

Tom Ford Tobacco VanilleTobacco Vanille by Tom Ford Women’s POV: Deep, earthy tones. Has a sweet smell, but still very manly and sensual. Could sniff this all day!

Notes: Tobacco leaf, tobacco flower, vanilla, cocoa, tonka bean, wood sap

Price Range: $175-$475

Terre d`HermèsTerre by Hermès Women’s POV: A light, fresh scent with a hint of woody bottom for a sexy warmth.

Notes: Grapefruit, orange, oak moss, benzoin

Price Range: $77 – $174

Millésime Impérial by Creed Women’s POV: A soft musk with lemon, bergamot, ambergris and musk.

Notes: Crisp fruit notes, Sicilian Lemon, mandarin, bergamot, Florentine Iris, musk.

Price Range: $140 – $380


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