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Get Outside: Best Hikes in the U.S.

arches_logoWith spring in full swing and summer well on it’s way, it’s finally time to wake from your winter hibernation and see what the great outdoors has to offer. We’ve compiled just a few of the thousands of great hikes the United States has to offer. doublearchhike_protrails_comLocated in the Canoyonlands of Moab, UT, Arches National Park offers tons of hikes ranging in difficulty and length. We chose Double Arch, because of it’s namesake arches at the trail head, seen above. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith a length spanning more than 2,000 miles, the Appalachian Trail makes it hard to pick just one or two of the best hikes it has to offer. We chose Dragon’s Tooth because it offers some of the best vistas and views this side of the Mississippi. Coupled with it’s relative moderate difficulty make this a hike not to miss. cuyamacapeaktrail_tentalktime_com_2 Cuyamaca Peak, with an elevation of 1,500 feet, is the second highest peak in San Diego. Though a relatively easy hike, the 8 mile up and back can be deceiving as it is nearly uphill the entire way. However, those views at the top make it all worthwhile. monument-canyon-trail8_coloradoguy_comThis 11-mile hike is one of the longest of the bunch, but is quintessential Colorado red rock hiking. Consider a canyon hike as the opposite of a mountain hike, as you descend more than 1,400 feet in to the canyon. With spectacular views the whole way around, this hike is one you won’t soon forget.

Don’t Forget! Hiking in any weather takes a toll on your body. Be sure to stock up on water and other essentials. Along with sunscreen, consider some type of headwear as protection from the harsh summer sun.

We recommend a UV protected hiking hat such as these:




Craziest Easter Hats and Bonnets

One of our favorite things about Easter parades every year is the creativity people put in to their hats. The traditional Easter hat or bonnet has a long history, but has been enlivened with parades and hat contests that make hats a staple of any Easter Sunday.


easter_1photo credit:
easter_2photo credit: credit: credit: wikipedia.orgeaster_6photo credit: credit: edgarEaster_parade_4photo credit: wikipedia.orgeaster_7photo credit:

Men’s Summer Swimwear Guide


While spring may have just rolled in a few short weeks ago and you’re still deciding which hat goes best with those spring styles your sporting by now, it’s never to early to start thinking about swimwear. Whether your gearing up for that early summer beach vacation, or lucky enough to live in a climate where it’s already pool weather, we’ve got you covered with the latest in swimwear styles.

1.) Shorter

Gone are the days of the way-past-your-knee board shorts. The so long you could trip on them surfer-inspired shorts had their day in the late 90’s , early 2000’s, but styles now in swimwear and other shorts are trending much further up the leg.

jcrew_sidexsideThese J. Crew Tab Swim Shorts have a 6.5″ inseam and are available in red and blue seersucker. The longer board shorts of years ago give the illusion of shortening your legs and overall body shape. A shorter length short actually make your legs and torso look longer for a more flattering look.

2.) Fitter

Along with inseam, swim shorts recently have moved further and further away from being ultra-baggy through the leg. The tailored, fit look found in most other men’s fashion is no exception with swimwear

bonobos_sidexsideThe Bonobos Surfside Board Short are made exactly with this in mind. They have a much trimmer leg opening and come in 5, 7, and 9-inch inseams.

3.) Basic Styles

Solid colors and understated patterns are key. Gaudy, ultra-loud, floral patterns are out and simplicity here rules.

outlier_sidexsideThe Outlier New-Way Short  is an option that can take you from the beach to the bar without a hitch. Made to be a short that is equally comfortable swimming or going out afterward, they feature a slightly longer inseam and classic look that never looks out of place.

saturdays_nycNeutral, simple patterns like this offering from Saturdays NYC offer a little more variation without being over the top.


Spring Hat Styles 2014


Winter was long and harsh this year, thanks in no part to the extra six weeks we had to endure due to Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow back in February. With any luck, the first day of spring will mark the end of the polar-vortex and snowpocalypse much of the U.S. faced over the past few months. Here are some breezy, spring-styles to get you in the mood to ditch the bulky winter-gear and get in to something lighter and cooler.

sartorialist_pics_1photo credit:

On the left, we have a classic look that you may remember from our previous Spring Style Guide 2013. A navy blazer pairs well with almost anything, giving a smart-casual look perfect for the spring weather when temperatures may drop unexpectedly. Here, the blazer is paired with a panamas-style hat for an effortless mild-weather look. Our Scala Grade 3 Panama Hat is a picture-perfect take on this look.

On the right, one of our most popular styles of women’s hats is a wide brimmed sun hat. It is the perfect way to achieve a casual, beachy look whether you’re vactioning in New York or San Diego. The Cov-Ver Women’s Wide Brim Wool Hat that we offer has a flowy, slightly less-rigid brim than the model.

sart_pics_2photo credit:

Proving that the Panama is not just a style specifically for men, both of these women incorporate the Panama in perfect spring-leading-into-summer style.


photo credit:

The quintessential spring/prep/Gatsby style on the left is perfect for a day at the horse-track or Easter parade/festival. On the left, our Christys of London Hemp Braid Boater Hat is a perfect match to complete your Gatsby look. The Easter bonnet inspired hat on the right can best be interpreted via a traditional cloche, such as this Betmar Adelina.

On the right, the spring-like salmon colored suit matched with a grey, wool fedora is the perfect transition from the cold winter to sunny spring. Try our Dobbs Main Street Woodmere Fedora to complete this look.




Hat Styles of Downton Abbey



Downton Abbey has captured U.S. audiences attention since it first aired in 2011 and has been a runaway hit ever since. While the captivating drama and historical whimsy is probably a big reason you are excited for series 5 of Downton Abbey this year, if you’re anything like us, the biggest draws are the hats and fashion. The period setting and dress hearken back to post-Edwardian Yorkshire where your outfit was only as good as the hat that topped your head.

We tend to think that time never stopped, so here are some styles inspired by Downton Abbey to prep you for the new series this year, sure to add some style and class to your next viewing party.









What can possibly say post-Edwardian Yorkshire more than a genuine dress top hat? This Christy’s model is hand made and perfect for your Downton Abbey look and can top the head of the classiest man or woman. For a slightly more affordable model, consider this Scala brand top hat.


Don’t let the name of this Stetson Homburg Godfather Hat fool you. This hat was worn for years before it was adopted by mobsters like Don Corleone. Slightly more affordable alternatives can be had by the Bailey Hat Company.









Lest we forget hats more specific to women at the time, wide brimmed sun hats such as this Gottex Casablanca Sun Hat not only complete the look of the women of Downton Abbey, but provide UV protection from the sun whether your day is at the beach or in Yorkshire itself.

So now is your chance to not only sit around twiddling your thumbs in anticipation of Downton Abbey series 5, but do it in style.

Americana, Folk-Revival Brings Old-School Sound and Style.

It’s hard to miss the fact that the past few years has seen a resurgence of rootsy, folky, Americana-tinged bands flung far into the mainstream. While bands like The Avett Brothers and Old Crow Medicine Show have been on the radar since the early 2000’s, the genre exploded in 2009 with the release of Mumford and Sons chart-topping single “Little Lion Man”.

Since then, bands such as The Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men along with their contemporaries brought with them a wave of not only roots-inspired folk music, but a style steeped in the tradition and Americana of the songs they pay respects to.

The Lumineers


    Wesley Schultz (middle) is seen here wearing his signature pinch-front trilby fedora. Jeremiah Fraites (right) is also wearing a pinch-front fedora, with a slightly wider brim. Consider Henschel Crushable Felt Fedora Hat or Christys’ of London Hand Made Fur Felt Trilby Fedora Hat

Mumford and Sons

mumford and sons

    Ted Dwayne (far right) is wearing a traditional 1940’s inspired dress-fedora and Ben Lovett (far left) wears a slimmer brim stingy fedora. Consider Stetson Stratoliner Fashion Collection 1940s Fedora Hat and Bailey of Hollywood Wool Aunne Fedora Hat


The Avett Brothers


Scott Avett

Scott Avett of The Avett Brothers can often be seen wearing his traditional western inspired woven straw hat. Consider Cov-ver Trailblazer Organic Raffia Western Hat : Football Finds Fashion

On the cusp of ‘Championship Sunday’, we here at thought we’d take a look back at some of the most stylish hat choices in the world of professional football.

From historic figures like Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry to today’s stars, each man possesses his own unique flair and uses their chapeau to accentuate their wardrobe.


A classic look worn by a legend. A thin brimmed fedora with a wide band. Consider: Stetson Gotham Crushable. $74.95


tom brady dapper gentleman outfit gingham plaid checker suit fedora hat sunglasses

Sporting confidence with bold choices. A Panama to compliment a fashion-forward tie and jacket combination. Consider Rocky Mountain Loveland Outback.  $94.95



Accessories set the tone. A short brimmed hat to bring the outfit together. Consider: Cov-ver Wool Felt Center Dent.  $39.95

Let us help you complete your look today. Visit us at or call 800-975-6346

7 New Hat Guides for Spring

Over the last couple of months, the team has been busy researching, cleaning, sizing, and styling our hats in every way possible. Some may call us crazy, but we call it dedication. After all, becoming a master of hats is no easy feat, which is why we’ve created a brand new batch of hat resources just for you!

Click through the images below to view the entire resource.

1. Hat Sizing

Using a tape measure — or a ruler and string — learn our three quick steps to hat sizing, and let our easy-to-follow measurement chart be your guide.

Hat Sizing Chart   Find Your Hat Size

2. Hat Cleaning

From cloth hats to straw toppers, learn the correct way to treat, rinse, wash, and rid your hat of spots and stains.

Hat Cleaning

3. Hat Care

Read our top care commandments for keeping your hat as perfect as the day you bought it.

Hat Care Commandments

4. Hat Etiquette

Yep, there really is a very right — and very wrong — way to wear one, so be sure to keep this list of hat manners handy. We’d like to give a special shoutout to The Art of Manliness, Jessica, Barbara, Emma, Landgirl, Jay, Laura Mae, George, The Emily Post Institute, Sven Raphael Schneider, Andy,, Darla, and Stevie for sharing your hat advice and expertise!

Hat Etiquette Guide

5. Men’s Style Guide

Master the sharpest hat trends, seasonal style essentials, and most coveted looks for spring.

Spring Style guide

6. Kentucky Derby Fashion

Headed to Churchill Downs in a few weeks? Read our men’s guide and women’s guide to looking your absolute best on race day. (You and your date can thank us later.)

Kentucky Derby Fashion for Men

Kentucky Derby Fashion for Women

7. Mad Men Guide

Mad Men Season 6 is in full swing! Looking to dress like your favorite character? With the help of our favorite retro style bloggers, we’ll help you dress the part! Be sure to check out our ’60s-inspired hat guide and beverage guide, too.

Mad Men Style Guide

Like what you see? Be sure to read, print, pin, and share these resources with fellow hat lovers!

7 Top Spring Trends for Men

Bold patterns, pastel colors, lightweight fabrics, and relaxed styles are the centerpieces to every gentleman’s closet for spring. But which spring staples are the manliest must-haves for 2013? We’ve conquered every runway and street trend to bring you the most wearable pieces of the season. Each is comfortable, cool, and a definite ego-boost for your wardrobe. Read on, and snag a few pieces for yourself this spring.

spring 2013 trend report

Men's Spring 2013 ClothingTrends


Men's Trends Spring 2013: Loafers

Guys, these are not your grandpa’s shoes. Loafers are making a big comeback this year, and they’re perfect for spring. Cuff your jeans or roll up your chinos to show off a sleek pair that fits your personality — whether you like them loud or are a little more classic. Go sans socks on sunny days, and when the temperature drops at night, pair them with printed socks.

For more on the items above, click here.


Men's Spring 2013 Trends: Military

From bomber jackets to camouflage everything, the military trend was all over the Spring/Summer 2013 runways. For rugged sex appeal, try a leather motorcycle or bomber jacket over a cotton t-shirt. For those of you looking for something a little more rustic, opt for a camouflage jacket or cargo vest (take a tip from our Man of Style‘s cargo look) and mix it up with tribal prints or a plaid button-down.

For more on the items above, click here.


Men's Spring Fashion: Nautical Trend

Warmer weather means boating season, so it’s no surprise that the luxury seafaring look is a spring staple. We like how versatile this trend is — you can go all-out in nautical wear from head to toe, or simply throw on a preppy watch or boat shoes instead. Just make sure to top it off with a bucket hat, which is the hat of the season for spring. (And pack a flask of Captain for your swashbuckling crew, too.)

For more on the items above, click here.

Linen & Khaki Suits

Men's Spring 2013 Style: Linen and Khaki Suits

From Michael Bastain to Michael Kors, linen and khaki suits walked down every runway this season. Lighten up your heavy winter suits and sportscoats with lightweight materials in neutral shades, which are perfect for a spring wedding and a trip to the office. Pair your linen/khaki suit with a light blue or white button-down and a pastel tie for a timeless look.

For more on the items above, click here.

Denim & Chambray

Men's 2013 Spring Trends: Chambray & Denim

Sure, button-downs are always a staple, but chambray or denim fabrics are the best way to freshen them up for spring. When wearing chambray or denim on top, beware of wearing jeans on bottom — it’ll look better if you opt for chinos or colored shorts, instead. This piece is meant to be worn in a relaxed setting, so don’t be afraid to layer it over your favorite t-shirt, roll up the sleeves, and declare this as your weekend uniform.

For more on the items above, click here.

Colored Shorts

Men's Spring 2013 Trends: Colored Shorts

After months of black, brown, and grey pants, it’s time to add a little color to your spring shorts. Try chino styles in all different shades, like orange, red, blue, yellow, green, and pink. This trend isn’t just for the adventurous type — so shy guys, try this out, too. Trust us, you’ll look good.

For more on the items above, click here.

Navy Blazer

 Men's Spring 2013 Trend: The Navy Blazer

There’s nothing better than a navy blazer. It goes with everything in your spring wardrobe and puts your winter coat to shame. Plus, it’s the perfect way to cover up when temperatures drop during the unpredictable months of March through May. For a complete guide on how to wear the navy blazer this spring, read here.

For more on the items above, click here.

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Image sources: Polyvore

New Name, New Hat Contest Winner

Last week, we kicked off our exciting switch to with a big hat giveaway. Since the announcement, fans have scoured the store for clues to our sitewide scavenger hunt and for good reason — a brand new Bailey of Hollywood hat was on the line!

Hats off to everyone who entered and shared our new name on Facebook and Twitter — we really appreciate the support! But the time has come to announce our grand prize winner. Congrats to our Bailey hat winner, Ivy Gabriella Chuisano, as well as to Jonathan Manning, who won a $50 gift card.

Want to be the first to know about future contests and hat giveaways? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and don’t forget to bookmark the blog for the latest hat trends, tips, and tricks!

Winners – please shoot us an email at to claim your prizes!

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