Worst Dressed? No Way!

If you’re a regular follower of the blog, you know we like to talk fashion, be it seasonal trends or hat etiquette. So when our hometown of Indianapolis was ranked 10th on a list of “worst-dressed” cities, we took umbrage — to say the least.

Yes, we do think Indy dresses well, which is why we’re setting out to prove we know Hoosiers — both men and women — who have style. Our friends at The Indianapolis Star have asked for photo proof. Challenge accepted!

From trending looks to toppers for all seasons, our Fedoras.com style team is the epitome of well-dressed. See for yourself:

We know it’s not just our crew representing Indy well. In May, we’ll be attending Hats Off! at the IMA, where we fully expect to meet other discerning dressers who call this town home.

What about your city? Is your town fashion-forward or fashion-ignorant?

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