15 Manly Mustaches for Movember

Bare upper lips be gone! It’s officially Movember, and in celebration of this manly month, we’re paying tribute to 15 of the finest mustaches the modern world has ever known. Happy ‘staching!

Daniel Day-Lewis mustache
Daniel Day-Lewis

Tom Selleck mustache
Tom Selleck

Seth Avett mustache
Seth Avett

Salvador Dali MustacheSalvador Dali

Ron Swanson mustache
Ron Swanson

Clarke Gable mustacheClark Gable

Zac Efron mustacheZac Efron

Freddie Mercury mustache
Freddie Mercury

Ron Burgundy mustacheRon Burgundy

Jason Schwartzman mustache
Jason Schwartzman

Morgan Spurlock mustacheMorgan Spurlock

Johnny Depp mustacheJohnny Depp

John Waters mustacheJohn Waters

Jason Lee mustacheJason Lee

Alex Trebek mustacheAlex Trebek

We mustache you — which work of facial hair art is the most masculine of them all?

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