Your Perfect Summer Playlist

Summer is for relaxing with good friends, having a great time, and most importantly, the perfect music. Wherever you go, you’ll always want the perfect summer playlist at your fingertips.

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Below may, quite arguably, be the perfect summer playlist. It’s pieced together with picks by some of the biggest magazines and a couple of my own. Building your own playlist is really easy. Your best start would be Youtube — type in a song you really like and see what comes up on the related videos. Keep going until you find something good. Also, Spotify, a free music app for your computer, gives you the option of seeing artists related to the one you’re listening too.

Why not load up this playlist for your Fourth of July bash?

Artist: Mayer Hawthorne
Song: “The Walk”
Album: How Do You Do
Bringing back a little soul from the 60s and 70s, this song is ideal for driving downtown during those summer nights.

Artist: Lumineers
Song: “Ho Hey”
Album: The Lumineers
Featured on a Bing commercial, the Lumineers will bring a little folk to your porch or patio when hanging out with friends on a summer Sunday evening.

Artist: Mungo Jerry
Song: “In the Summertime”
Album: Mungo Jerry: Essentials
It would be a crime to not have Mungo Jerry’s “In the Summertime” on the list. A groovin’ rhythm and lyrics are just right for the season. It is almost the best song for the summer.

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Artist: The Vacationer
Song: “Trip”
Album: Gone
Highlighted on the Vogue’s Summer 2012 Playlist, this song is “the perfect downtempo midsummer jam.”

Artist: Local Natives
Song: “Who Knows, Who Cares”
Album: Gorilla Manor
The title alone sets the tone for any summer. This song’s distinct sound gives off good, mellow vibes for your summer.

Artist: Sumeo
Song: “Shades of Love”
I found this while traveling through videos on Youtube. Its instrumental beat and style is perfect for sitting by the pool and watching the day drift away.

Artist: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Song: “Baby”
Single: Mature Themes
Another song off of the Vogue playlist, it culminates both the soul feel of “The Walk” and the relaxing tone of “Trip.” This certainly should be on your playlist for when you want to go on a late night drive to nowhere.

Artist: Ray Charles
Song: “I’ve got a Woman”
Everyone needs a little Ray Ray in their life, and I can’t think of a better song than this for your summer.

Artist: Bahamas
Song: “Caught Me Thinking”
Album: Barchords
Brought to you by Jack Johnson’s record label, Brushfire Records, you can be sure that this track will fit in anywhere during the summer.

weezer green album

Artist: Weezer
Song: “Island in the Sun”
Album: Weezer (Green Album)
Landing on the Rolling Stone Magazine’s 2012 summer playlist, “Island in the Sun” is a summer classic that some may remember from the movie Out Cold  and others from trips out to Cali for the sand and surf.

What’s on your summer playlist? Let us know by commenting below.

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