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New Arrival – Stetson Gambler Seagrass Golf Hat

Say Hello to the Stetson Gambler Golf Hat!

The Stetson Gambler Seagrass Golf Hat

The Stetson Gambler Seagrass Golf Hat

The Coolest Hat for the Hottest Time of Year!

The Stetson Gambler is the perfect hat for the next time that you grab your golf clubs and tee off on a hot, sunny day or for your next summer boat cruise or fishing trip.

This attractive, light weight, sturdy seagrass straw hat from Stetson’s Outdoors Collection has an oval gambler crown that allows for a breeze on a hot day, adorned with a genuine leather band.

Its 3 1/4″ brim is wide enough to keep the sun off of your face and neck while also featuring the special added protection of a durable sun blocking fabric under the front of the brim and the top of the crown that provides UPF 50+ protection on the sunniest of days (as seen below)! At the same time, the elastic cotton sweatband on the interior makes this hat an absolute favorite for all day wearability!

Click the link below to add this affordable hat to your collection for the summer, while its on sale!




New Arrival – Stetson Reward Shantung Straw Panama Fedora

You deserve a Reward!

Stetson Reward Panama Fedora Hat

Stetson Reward Panama Fedora Hat


Spring is nearing its end and summer is on the way.Thankfully, your friends here at Fedoras.com have just the hat for the season!

The Stetson Reward Shantung Straw Fedora is the perfect hat for a memorable summer day or night out on the town. It’s clean, bright look along with a classic black ribbon band gives it a timeless quality. The Reward has a 4 1/4 teardrop crown and a 2 1/2 snap brim, giving it very balanced shape that is flattering on almost anyone! Made of smooth, sleek Shantung straw, this hat is sturdy and firm, making a great accessory to a casual get together or a formal event. Grab one today to look like a million bucks without having to spend a million bucks!


  • 5 Bu Shantung Straw
  • Cotton Sweatband
  • 2-1/2″ Brim
  • 4-1/4″ Crown
  • Firm Finish
  • Imported from Mexico

Click the link below to get your Reward today!



New Arrival – Stetson Airway Panama Safari Hat

New Arrival –
Stetson Airway Panama Safari Hat


Stetson Airway Panama Safari Hat


Breeze into Summer With The Airway!


The Stetson Airway is the PERFECT hat for the summer heat.

Made of genuine Panama straw, the Airway has an open weave to allow for a completely ventilated crown, perfect for letting the breeze in and keeping you cool on a hot day at the beach, out fishing, out on the town, or on the golf course.

It’s 3″ brim with UPF 50+ sun protecting fabric will keep the sun’s harmful rays off of your face and out of your eyes.

The leather chin strap will keep the Airway firmly in place on your head, even on the breeziest days!

  • Brim: 3″
  • Material: Panama Straw
  • Vented Crown
  • Chin Strap
  • UPF 50+


Click on the link below to check out the Stetson Airway Panama Safari Hat today


Stetson Airway Panama Safari Hat

Artist Spotlight: Bruno Mars


Bruno Mars @ Warehouse Live – by Brothers Le – https://www.flickr.com/photos/brothersle/5206858671/

You can’t turn on the radio these days without hearing the familiar bass drop and plucky guitar of “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. While the song was released late in 2014, it’s upbeat, summery-feel, that sounds like it came straight from the playbook of Prince or Stevie Wonder. However, even the ubiquity of “Uptown Funk” doesn’t surpass the thing Bruno Mars has become even more known for in pop-culture: his ever present fedora.
Artists and music icons usually have an easier time getting away with certain fashion styles, accessories, and headwear – they’re sort of expected to do and wear things outside of the norm. However, Mars effortlessly styles his hats with an array of dressed up and dressed down looks that are achievable by anyone, but it all comes down to having the right hat. Mars seems to prefer traditional fedora shapes in either a front-pinch or center dent crown, with a rather wide brim. Here are a few styles Mars has sported and some options that will get you uptown funk-ing in no time.

For this brown, fur-felt hat Mars is seen sporting here, we like the Stetson Eagle for it’s simple style, mid-length brim, and ability to wear the brim flat, or upturned.

bruno_1This hat is another front-pinch, teardrop shaped style that sports a bound, rather than raw edge around the brim. The stingy brims on hat such as the Kangol Litefelt Player are generally worn turned up around the head.


bruno_4Another staple of Mars growing hat collection is this black, wool-felt hat with plain lines and a center pinch on the front. We like the Dobbs Fur Felt Dayton for its wide-brim and simple, raw-edge brim.



‘Justified’ to End It’s 6 Season Run Next Year

‘Justified’, the FX series starring and produced by Timothy Olyphant will conclude its run after next years 6th season.


The series has followed Deputy U.S. Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens, a sort of modern day throwback to old west lawmen, relocated back to his hometown of Harlan County, Kentucky. While the series gained a huge following since it’s debut in 2010, show star and co-producer Tim Olyphant said the decision to end the show came about because he and the producers thought that the story arc throughout the series could be completely satisfied in 6 seasons, and didn’t want the show to become stale.

Iconic to Givens and rarely seen without it is his Stetson hat, seen here:

JUSTIFIED: Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens. CR: Frank Ockenfels III / FX


‘Justified’ star Raylan Givens wearing a Stetson Marshall 4X Western Hat



Raylan Givens with season 3 character Ellstin Limehouse, wearing a take on a Scala Grade 3 Panama



Stetson Marshall 4X Western Hat

Olyphant, no stranger to playing shows and characters with a western feel, previously acted on HBO’s Deadwood (credit edgar), as Sherriff and store owner Seth Bullock, seen here in a homburg-style hat: deadwood_the_complete_series_31

Cowboy Hats: Myths and Superstition

Historically, cowboy hats have been used for many things. Cowboy hats descended from similar wide brimmed, tall-crown hats of different varieties since as early as the 13th century. But the Cowboy hat popular in the American west is a true icon and has a lot of interesting lore that surrounds it. Did you know that it’s bad luck to lay your hat on your bed? The sport of rodeo has attributed to many of the myths, so here are some of the superstitions and myths that came to surround this great American icon.





Stetson Marshall 4X Western Hat

1.) Laying Your Hat on Your Bed Will Bring Bad luck.

It’s hard to say where this one originated, but it’s safe to say that it has permeated Western and cowboy culture thoroughly. According to the superstition, placing your hat on your bed brings general bad luck to the owner of the hat. It’s said that rodeo cowboys will avoid doing this at all costs, because they believe they will lose their next rodeo if they receive the myths bad luck.

Stetson Gus Legendary Old West Hat

2.) Never Change the Name of Your Horse

Once a horse’s name is set, it should never be changed. This is the saying on many ranches across the US. If the horses name is changed at any point, bad luck will come across that horse.


Stetson Seneca Buffalo Fur Felt Western Hat

3.) Laying Your Hat Upside-Down

Having a proper hat box is essential for storing your cowboy hat. As the superstition goes, your hat should be stored with the opening facing up, so as to “catch luck” inside of it. Alternatively, laying your hat with the opening down allows all the luck to fall out. This myth has roots in rodeo culture as well, as you need all the luck you can take before competing. Stetson and Resistol provide sturdy, branded boxes that store your hat in this manner!


Stetson Griffin 100X Premier Western Hat

4.) Wear Two Different Colored Socks in the Ring

You’ have to have a certain amount of luck every time you jump on a rodeo bull, no matter how skilled you are. This one is about pure luck. It is said that if you wear two different colored socks, you’re better off than wearing a matching pair.


New York Fashion Week 2014

Fashion week kicked off this year on September 4th in New York City. The annual show attracts thousands of spectators, models, designers, and bloggers/writers in one of the biggest events in fashion in the world. The notoriously fashion-forward event is known for bucking trends and pushing the envelope in all things fashion and this year is no different.

While some of the looks fashion week is known to push out may push the border of taste a little too far for the average person, such as these numbers:





















NYFW is still the go-to place for designers to be seen. Here’s a small collection of looks that show NYFW can blend timeless, classic styles, with a modern spin.



A white fedora is the perfect match for a bold, bright suit. All White Fedoras











Wide brimmed, floppy fedoras perfect for all seasons. Try our brand new Stetson Lilly









Wide brimmed, floppy fedoras perfect for all seasons. Try our brand new Stetson Lilly




























Just for fun, does this make anyone else think of our Easter Hats 2014 post?

Artist Spotlight: Sin City 2 Director Robert Rodriguez

Making his directorial debut in 1992 with El Mariachi, Robert Rodriguez has continued to make a name for himself in the world of film. His new film, Sin City 2, released this past Friday to slightly disappointing box office numbers. Nevertheless, as the sequel to the original box office smash, it could become a sleeper hit in its own right.


Rodriguez’s first big breakthrough hit came with 1995’s Desperado, solidifying Rodgriguez’s talent for action films. But Rodriguez has also become known for being a certified Stetson-man. Never seen without his trademark Stetson western hat on and off the red carpet, this San Antonio native represents Texas in style.


 “When I decided to become a filmmaker, nobody was surprised, for I had spent years with my father’s super8 – I used to take it when he wasn’t looking – glued to my favourite hat, a classic ten gallon Stetson hat.” This characteristic head covering has become the director’s distinctive sign: “It’s like Gyro Gearloose’s thinking cap, which he puts on when he needs new ideas: I don’t exist without it.” – Vogue Italia, 2011






Rodriguez’s penchant for western styles of hat has infiltrated his films as well, such as the hat Johnny Depp’s character wore in Once Upon a Time in Mexico:



Here are a few more of the Stetson styles Rodriguez sports:

robert-rodriguez-picture-3 ROBERT





                                                                similar style: Stetson Falcon Buffalo Felt 



similar style: Stetson Sawtooth Buffalo Felt






similar style: Stetson Pawnee Gun Club 5X




similar style: Stetson Diamond Jim Gun Club 5x

Looking Back: 2014 Triple Crown

horses_2 The passing of the Belmont Stakes race left thousands of fans disappointed when Triple Crown front runner California Chrome missed his shot at becoming the first U.S. horse to win all three races in the series since 1978. However, despite Chrome’s loss at Belmont, this years Triple Crown proved one of the most exciting in years.


And who could forget the second most exciting part that horse-race season brings? The hats! If you followed our blog in the past, you’ll remember our Kentucky Derby Fashion Guide. This year proved no different as race day fashion, funky hats and classy fedoras were abound.

Most notably, California Chrome owner Steve Coburn was known as much for his underdog horse as for his signature Stetson. Coburn seems to be sporting a Stetson Range Classic Western Hat with the feather removed, or possibly a Stetson Deadwood 3X Wool Collection Hat. Either way, Coburn is a Stetson man through and through.

Belmont Stakes 2014(California Chrome co-owner Steve Coburn wearing his Stetson. photo cred bleacherreport.com)

Floppy sun-hats are also a race-day staple, as evidenced here. For a wide-array of sun hats that we carry, check out our Sun and Beach Hats.

hats(Race fans at Belmont Stakes. photo cred nbcsports.com)

Other hat styles include your basic fedora styles, along with the narrow-brimmed straw fedora seen here (credit edgar). For fans of this style of hat, check out our KANGOL Heritage Buckle Arnold Fedora

2014-kentucky-derby-1(Photo credit AOL.com)

Traditionally, mens hats for events like this one also include Gatsby-style boater hats, such as this one:


Christys’ of London Hemp Braid Boater Hat

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