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We rounded up fall and winter outfits and style tips from some of our favorite bloggers. From tartan to corduroy, we hope these guys provide you a little style inspiration:

The Silentist blogger

Kiyoshi Martinez from The Silentist wore elephant-patterned Bonobos pants for election day. He paired these political-party-appropriate pants with a lambswool sweater, a button-down, a tie, blue socks, and horse bit loafers. Fantastic!

plaid jacket

On his blog A Headlong Dive, Jeremiah Simmons shared a little history about appropriate-for-fall blackwatch tartan. This black, blue, and green plaid is named for the Royal Highlanders who policed fighting against the throne in Scotland during the 18th century. They were dubbed the Black Watch because of their black, blue, and green tartan, which served as camouflage in the forests. Check out our blue, black, green, and red plaid-ribboned trilby.

men's style pro blogger

Sabir Peele from Men’s Style Pro showed us how to pull off a three-piece corduroy suit, which is a big trend this fall and winter. Today’s corduroy suit has thinner ridges in the fabric (known as wale) and sports a more modern cut, but still provides good warmth and style for winter. Sabir wore the suit five different ways, but our favorite was the blazer and trousers paried with a turtleneck, fedora, boots, and pocket square.

wardrobe maintenance tips

Will Boehlke from A Suitable Wardrobe shared handy wardrobe maintenance tips from Barry Pullen. For example, cut your fingernails at night to avoid snagging woven ties, administer alcohol with a cotton ball to your neck to remove oil and save your collars, and clean out trouser cuffs once or twice a year.

Know of any style blogs that we should check out? Please share them in the comments!

Men’s Fashion: Mix & Match Style

Are you a man of style? The great thing about men’s fashion is that you have the freedom to be bold, edgy, and take chances, with less of a chance of being criticized. One stylish trend that many men often fear is the mixing and matching of prints and patterns. The key is to not be afraid and have confidence in your look. Of course, it can be easy to become overconfident and end up looking like mismatched holiday wrapping. Fortunately for you, we’ve got some tips for pulling off this look with ease. Are you paying attention? You may want to write this down…

men's style

Implement a Solid
When attempting to mix and match prints and patterns, ties and outerwear are the easiest (and safest) way to achieve the look, but be sure to implement a solid piece as well. This breaks up the look while giving them a cohesive palate. Opt for a paisley tie, solid colored V-neck sweater and a plaid peacoat, or a plaid button-up shirt and horizontally striped tie.

Stick with One Pattern
Another great tip for mixing patterns is to stick with one pattern of varying size. For example, stripes on stripes or gingham on gingham. Just be sure that the size or colors of the pattern vary. This will add dimension and tie the pieces together for a clean look. If you are going to use more than one pattern, we recommend not implementing more than two or three into a single look.

Stick with the One Tone
As previously mentioned, it can be easy to overdo this look, especially when color comes into play. Stick with one tone of different hues or shades such as light and dark blue. You may choose to implement multiple colors but be sure to keep it subtle, and always implement a neutral!

men's style

Be bold and mix it up!
I know we just said to stick with one pattern, but if you feel truly confident and trust your fashion sense (we know you have it in you), take a chance and mix varying patterns. Mix and match stripes with florals or gingham with plaid. In the photo above, this stylish chap mixes gingham, stripes, and even paisley. Very different, yet very stylish. So if think you are ready to step outside the box and give this look a try, remember: be bold, mix it up, and be confident!

Vintage Advertisements: Men’s Interest

While men’s style has changed quite a bit over the centuries, there are some styles that have transcended time — especially where hats are concerned. Likewise, men’s interests have withstood the test of time, only becoming more expansive with ever-changing innovation. From cars to clothing and beyond, the following vintage advertisements display the ever-dapper interests of man over time.

Side note: We think these ads would look perfect printed out, framed, and hanging on the walls of a mancave.

1924 berteil cap advertisement1924 Berteil Caps

No worries if you can’t read French. This advertisement is for none other than hats. This stately gent is sporting a pipe and a stylish newsboy cap much like this Stetson Beane Wool Longshoreman Cap. Not necessarily a style you see everyday, the newsboy can easily be pulled off today with a weekend blazer, casual tee, and jeans.

1944 western ammunition advertisement

1944 Western Ammunition

In 1944, World War II was in full-swing, and this type of advertisement was likely in periodicals on a regular basis. This one for Western Ammunition states, “In Peace and in War, America Relies on Western.” Comparing a military hero with an average civilian, this ad appealed to a sympathetic crowd. Hey, how about the Indiana Jones-style hat on the hunter above? Any 21st century guy can pull one off today with a pair of jeans, a button-down, and a leather jacket.

1943 bvd men's wear advertisement

1943 BVD Men’s Wear

Also making an appearance during the Second World War, this Father’s Day ad for B.V.D. Men’s Wear appeals to the deployed, as well as those at home. It displays the styles of the time including everything from work clothes to sleepwear. We really love the military cap on the war plant worker at the bottom right. The Dobbs French Twill Fatigue Cap is definitely a look-alike and perfect for everyday street-wear.

1983 stetson fall hats

1938 Stetson Fall Hats

Around this time in 1938, this ad graced the pages of newspapers and magazines. Featuring the slogan, “Step Out with a Stetson,” this ad features “the world’s favorite hat” in stylish rod-and-gun colors. Both the Stetson Pisa Cashmere Blend Fedora and the Stetson Temple Fur Felt Fedora look very similar to those in the ad above. Fedoras are still very fashionable today for both men and women, growing especially popular this past spring and summer, and continuing pace into the cooler months. These are a perfect fall accessory!

1895 hart schaffner & mart advertisement

1895 Hart Schaffner & Marx Tailor Made Suits

This ad goes waaaay back — all the way back to the menswear of 1895! Featuring the “best-looking, neatest fitting” Hart Schaffner & Marx Tailor Made Suits, this ad features a few different hats, including the popular bowler style. Make a statement with this Christys’ of London Hand Made Fur Felt Bowler Derby hat, perfect for dressing up your suits this season!

Decision 2012: Presidential Style

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama at Presidential Debate

With only weeks to go until Election Day, we have all had our fill of politically peppered Facebook statuses and Twitter rants. The fundamental differences between the candidates (not to mention, your friends’ opinions on these differences) are now crystal clear. So let’s put down our social media swords, and turn our attention to a similarity between the two candidates — their style.

The road to the White House may not be paved with red carpet, but it’s obvious that both Obama and Romney are dressing to impress this election season. Obama’s mom jeans are safely tucked away, while Romney has surely been taking style advice from binders full of women. Dapper and distinguished, both candidates are bringing their A-game, making this race too close to call.

Cast Your Vote. Enter to Win a Hat.

Based on solely style, who has your support this election season — Candidate A or B? Simply cast your vote in our Facebook poll for your chance to win one of these six hats from

Check back on Election Day (November 6) when we reveal the identity of the winning candidate and announce our contest winner!

Four Clever (and Easy) Costumes for Guys

You have to admit: with all of the endless Oktoberfest beer specials, reruns of Michael Myers, and bowls of candy corn, you might actually enjoy the spooky season. That is, until you must find the perfect Halloween costume (clever enough to to win awards, but cool enough to win hearts).

That’s where the ladies of A Tip of the Hat come in. Whether you’re pulling it together last-minute or just trying to make your girlfriend proud, we’ve got your go-to costumes covered. The best part about these easy-yet-impressive costumes? Most of them should already be tucked away in your closet or stuffed in your drawers (well, except for the python cuffs and leather whip — but hey, you never know).

P.S. Click through the pics for the perfect costume topper.

1. Don Draper

The perfect excuse to dress dapper and sip whiskey all night long.

2. Crocodile Dundee

You’ve always wanted to say “mate” and see if accents really work.

3. Sherlock Holmes

Because Robert Downey Jr. is sexy, even without the Iron Man costume.

4. Indiana Jones

Everybody loves a rugged, ambitious guy — especially us.

How to Mix Patterns

men's fashion - how to mix patterns


Pulling off the pattern-on-pattern look may seem like a daunting task, but trust us, it can (and should) be done! Sure, you can’t go wrong with a navy blazer and striped tie, but can you settle knowing you haven’t reached your full style potential?

Experimenting with patterns adds not only dimension, but personality and sophistication to your look. But how do you know which prints to mix and match and which ones to ditch? Follow these five guidelines and elevate your style status from all mixed up to mix-master!


Size Matters

Avoid pairing two patterns of the same size.  The contrast in size allows one print to stand out over the other, rather than getting swallowed up. For example, a tie with thicker stripes is the perfect accent for a dress shirt with smaller checks.

Focal Point

Give people something to look at! One print should be noticeably bolder than the others, in order to create interest. Whether this be an intricate print, bright accent color, or significantly larger pattern, allow one piece to steal the spotlight.

Keep it in the Family

If you consider yourself a fashion first-timer, keeping your shirt and tie in the same color family is a great place to start. Working with different shades of the same color will allow contrasting colors to work together in a cohesive manner. Plus, it’s pretty hard to screw up. Just imagine: a navy polka dot tie and a light blue plaid shirt. Now that’s a good look!

Opposites Attract

If you’re feeling a little more confident in your pattern-pairing abilities, try stepping outside of the box and introduce a complementary color. Think blue and yellow, purple and orange, red and green, etc. A little refresher on the color wheel couldn’t hurt either!

Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad

As a general rule of thumb, when pairing a shirt, suit, and tie, one of the three pieces should remain solid. Steer clear of the prints and pick a neutral color to anchor the outfit and keep the look from getting too busy.

Popular Pairings

Checkered shirt & patterned tie Plaid shirt & polka dot tie Checkered shirt and striped tie

Image Sources:

5 Accessories Every Guy Should Own

The accessory is the understated part of every man’s wardrobe. It’s a unique detail that one adds to accent his outfit or tell something about himself. The worst thing a guy can do is underestimate an accessory.

dapper lou

Image courtesy of

Here are five accessories every guy should own. They will not only add to your style but also tell your boss, coworkers, and friends a little bit about you before you even begin talking.

1. The Belt

Quite arguably the most important accessory, every man needs a belt. A belt symbolizes that you are well rounded and pay attention to details. You match your belt with your outfit: black shoes equal a black belt, and brown shoes go with a brown belt. The only time you don’t wear a belt is when you are wearing suspenders.

2. The Tie

Add class, style, and professionalism with a couple of loop arounds and a knot. Your boss will see your tie and hear, “I know you mean business and so do I.” And when you match your tie and shirt, it tells the ladies that you pay attention to detail, which means you’ll pay attention to her.

3. The Watch

Time is of the essence, and it can’t be wasted. A watch will help keep you on time and tells everyone else not to worry becuase you understand how precious time can be. Also, it’ll add style points to your wardrobe, and you can mix and match watches, like ties, to fit what you’re wearing.

4. The Pocket Knife

If you were to empty your pockets right now, would you have one of these in your hand? There’s a good chance that most of you don’t. It’s not your fault though. Over the years, pocket knives have declined in importance. However, that doesn’t mean that a pocket knife is obsolete. You never know when one will come in handy and best guess is that many of you could have already used one every now and then.

5. The Hat

Just like the pocket knife, the hat has grown out of touch, and I’m not talking about baseball caps or flats bills. The fedora and newsboy (which can be found at have been long out of style but are coming back. You can see them on TV, in the movies, and on the streets of major cities. They go great with suits and make a walk through the city something more than just a walk.


How to Add Personality to Your Wedding Tux

This is the season. The season for good times, good barbeque, and, of course, the celestial celebration of your best buds and relatives getting hitched. Yes, that’s right, it’s wedding season, and what’s a wedding without a tuxedo that not only makes you look like a million bucks, but also shows off your own personality?

Finding a tux that suits you, not only in size, but also personality, is something that’s easy to do. To start out, take a couple tips from some A-list celebrities, like Andrew Garfield and Hugh Jackman. Even though you won’t be strutting about a red carpet parade in your tux like the celebs, it’s good to pay attention if you go the classic, black-tie style.

Andrew Garfield and Hugh Jackman

Seen here at the Tony’s, Andrew Garfield and Hugh Jackman are both rocking a peak lapel tuxedo. Andrew, with his slimmer body shape, chose a tux with slimmer lapels and more defining shoulders, helping shape his body. Hugh, on the other hand, wears his tux with broader lapels and a more natural shoulder to nicely complement his build. You too can make a tux fit your style by choosing between lapels and the fit of the shoulders.

Don’t forget about the tie. It’s another way to put a subtle touch of you into your tux. Andrew picked up a long, skinny tie as a more modern approach to the whole dressing up scenario. Hugh, on the other hand, stuck with tradition and went with the bow tie.

Another way to put your spin on a wedding tux is to break from the traditional black-tie approach. Who ever said wedding tuxedos have to be black? Throw a little — or a lot — of color into your tux to show what you can bring to the table. Color can be brought in through a vest and tie coordination — or the whole suit itself. But be conscious before you decide, because the wrong color could mean disaster.

wedding tie

This groom, in a grey tux, chose to personalize his look with a patterned shirt and blue tie.

Finally, you can always add a little something on top. What better way to get noticed than by wearing a fedora. Cover your head with a Bailey of Hollywood or a nice Stetson if going to a southern wedding. Either one will be sure to get you noticed and certainly will reflect who you are for everyone to see.

cowboy hat wedding

Cowboy hats can help tie together a country-themed wedding.

How do you personalize your wedding tuxes?

Image sources: GQ Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty

How to Find the Perfect Jeans Cut

Men, if you’re like me, than you’re constantly telling yourself that the right fit matters. Skip the color or style, if it doesn’t fit right, then the rest doesn’t matter. This comes into play most when you’re looking for that right pair of jeans.

Whether for work, going out, or to wear to the game, the cut is what matters most. But with Levi’s alone offering thirteen different cuts (and every brand having their own styles as well), it can be tricky to find the right pair.

Here’s the low-down on different jeans cuts — and how to choose the best for your build.

The Cut

Skinny: Great for an indie rocker performing at the local bar or the hipster cyclist zipping about town, this cut should be tight in most areas with a little bit of room at the ankle, helping you move freely without catching on extra denim.

mens skinny means fashion

Straight Leg: Just like it sounds, this cut creates a straight leg appearance, running straight from your hip to your ankle. It’s been the staple in denim and is represented by those all-American boys.

Boot: The cut that has ruled the West and cowboy outlaws for over a century, giving a slim fit in the rear and thigh, but flaring out at the ankle to fit over any style of boot.

men's boot cut jeans fashion

Athletic: This recent style is a hybrid of three different cuts, combining the seat of a straight leg, the thigh of a relaxed, and the ankle of a boot. It’s the most versatile cut currently in the men’s denim world.

Relaxed: The roomiest fit on the rack, this cut gives you the necessary space for your legs, sitting on the hips and giving room for muscular thighs and bigger calves.

Finding the Right Cut for Your Build

Tall and Thin: You’ve got the option between skinny or straight. Skinny being the tighter cut for you, creating that indie/urban style. While the straight leg cut gives you the ideal room from hip to ankle.

Athletic: Now that there is a cut designed for you, it would be unwise to buy any other fit. However, relaxed and straight leg are good alternatives. Relaxed being a more comfortable fit and straight leg giving a bit more shape to below your belt.

Average: You’re the golden boy of denim, being able to look great in just about any cut. Straight leg would be your ideal choice, but that shouldn’t limit you from trying out a pair of skinny or athletic.

Stocky: To play it safe, the relaxed fit is going to be your cut. Yet, to add some shape to your lower half, you may want to look into the athletic cut with its slender seat and flare at the ankles.

Image sources: Jeans Cart.comGlamorous

Closet Organization for Men

I know that it’s typically women who envision the perfect closet: rows of shoes, shelves of bags, drawers of jewelry, color and season coordination. But organizing a closet is helpful for men, too. It gives you more space, helps avoid wrinkles (Who has time to iron?), and makes it easier to find the appropriate baseball jersey on game day. However, organizing a closet can take a lot of time, effort, and skill. Not the tidy type? No worries!

Read these quick tips on how to organize your closet:

men's closet organization

1. Out with the old

It’s easier to organize when you have less, so the first step is to get rid of old garments. Anything that you haven’t touched in over a year has got to go! It’s time to part with anything that is torn beyond repair. If you have problems deciding whether you should junk clothes or not, a good idea is to put all your hangers backwards. After you wear and wash something, put it back on a hanger the correct way. If there are any hangers left backwards after six months, then it’s safe to say that those are things that can be donated or thrown away.

2. Keep similar times together

This is really simple to do, so why not? Put all your pants in one place, all your sweaters in another. That way, when you want to wear a button-down shirt, you will know exactly where to look. Once you organize items by category, you can color coordinate within the category or organize the clothes from casual to formal.

3. Consider space savers

If you do those things and still have a messy closet, then it’s time to consider space savers. One idea is packing up clothes that are out of season and storing them in tubs. Under-the-bed tubs are nice because they don’t use space that can be used for much else. You might consider adding extra shelves or another hanging rod — whatever works best for you.

It might seem like a waste of time to organize your closet, but in reality it saves you plenty of time when you’re getting ready. You will know exactly where to find your slacks or your red tie. Just those three simple steps will get you well on your way to a better-organized closet, so perhaps it’s time for a spring-cleaning project.

Best of luck!

Image Source.

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