10 Wardrobe Essentials for Every Man

Guys, it’s time to get back to the basics. Put down the pit-stained tee, step away from those ratty sweatpants, and say hello to these ten must-haves for any man’s wardrobe. With these staples in your arsenal, you can mix and match your way to an appropriate outfit for nearly every situation. Talk about simple!

10 wardrobe essentials for every man

1. Colored & Patterned Dress Shirts
Start with neutral colors and subtle patterns like pinstripes and plaid. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, you can take your wardrobe to the next level by mixing in bold patterns and brighter hues.

2. Navy Suit
No man’s closet is complete without at least one suit, and navy is a versatile neutral, making it the ideal color for a starter suit.

3. Dark Jeans
Every man should own a pair of good, dark denim jeans that can be paired with a crisp button down or vintage tee.

4. Khaki Chinos
Looking to change up your daily work attire? Try mixing your navy suit jacket with a pair of khakis for a fresh look!

5. Watch
This small-but-mighty accessory can pack quite the style punch. Plus, it’ll keep you from missing kickoff.

6. Cardigan
A casual solution for those situations where a jacket seems like overkill, a cardigan will keep you looking stylish on those chilly days.

7. Ties
While we recommend a closet equipped with at least a dozen ties, we know that every man’s lifestyle is different. Regardless of the number that’s appropriate for you, select ties in a variety of solid colors and designs for mixing and matching.

8. Polo Shirt
Transitioning effortlessly from the golf course to the neighbor’s barbecue, polos are perfect for casual summer days.

9. Dress Shoes
For those formal occasions, no other footwear will do. Invest in a quality pair of both brown and black dress shoes to keep those feet looking fancy.

10. White Dress Shirt
Basically a blank canvas, you could wear a white dress shirt every day (although we would recommend changing it up every now and then).


What other items are must-haves in your closet?


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