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Hello there - Thanks for shopping with us! Your friends at are happy to help you pick out the perfect hat!


Q: "I've never bought a hat before. How do I know what size to get?"

Q: "Why doesnt this hat show a specific size/color? What about this specific hat that I cant find!?

  • If you find a hat, but the size/color that you want isnt currently coming up available, it may just temporarily be out of stock. Send us an email at, let us know what you are looking for, and we will get you an ETA on when it will be back in stock. Or if you want a hat that you can't find currently on our site, email us as well. We can often get a hat for you, even if you dont see it listed for sale currently.

Q: "My order didnt go through. The order was rejected/the cart errored out/items got stuck in the cart and wont delete/it just wont let me check out. What's up with that!?"

  • The main culprit for orders being rejected is the billing address not matching the address that the credit card company has on file. Making sure that you have the right billing address in place fixes a good 90% of the problems! Beyond that, this website is OLD (but we love it!) and the cart is kind of finnicky sometimes. If you have problems, shoot us an email at and we will get it straight!

Q: "Who are you guys!? Can I trust you? Where are you from? Why should I order from you?"

  • is a small, family run business based in the beautiful state of Virginia. We've been slinging hats online since 2006, which in internet years, practically makes us dinosaurs. We like it that way! We know that there about a million places online to spend your money, so we've made it our mission to go out of our way to treat every customer like family. In this cutthroat business world full of worldwide corporate giants, our customer service is our biggest advantage. In fact, if you email us, the owner (Rob) will most likely be the one getting back to you, not someone half way around the world. That's how important your customer experience is to us!
  • But dont just take our word for it. Check out our reviews at Bizrate and see for yourself what our customers are saying about us!

Q: "This hat isnt working for me. It's too big/small/wrong color/funny looking/not exactly what I wanted. How do I return/exchange this hat?"

Q: "I placed an order but I'm not sure how to check the status or track it. How do I do that?"

Q: "This hat that I just bought is awesome!" or "I dont like this hat very much!"  - Is there a way to tell everyone what I think about this hat that I bought?

  • Yes! We love it when our customers leave reviews on their favorite (or not so favorite) hats on our site!
  • To leave a review,  find your hat on our site and click on the 'Product Reviews' tab right below the hat picture. There you can tell the whole world about your hat and what you love about it! You dont even have to have bought the hat here. Reviews help our customers decide what hat is best for them, so please we would love your opinion! 

For any other questions about the products, issues with ordering and/or checkout, or anything else, please just shoot us an email at!

Mail: 9702 Gayton Road Suite 182 Henrico, VA, 23238
Please note that we do not have a retail showroom.

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