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Founded in England in 1938, Kangol is most recently famous for their flat caps made popular by Samuel L. Jackson. Kangol has a rich history though, outfitting many of the World War II militaries with their berets, and later making hats worn by the Beatles, Arnold Palmer, and Diana, the Princess of Wales. Kangol makes great men's and women's hats in many styles, from Fedoras to Bowlers to Cloches to Caps in both muted and wild colors.

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Kangol Hats

  1. KANGOL Anglo Basque Beret

    KANGOL Anglo Basque Beret

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price $54.99

    Mass production of the first beret began in the 19th century and impressively continues today. The Kangol Anglo Basque Beret is a classic example of the this former military hat that you can wear in sophistication today.
    • Material: Wool
    • Style: Beret
    • Crown: Conforming
    • Packable
    • Grosgrain Sweatband
    • Interior Satin Lining
  2. KANGOL Herringbone 504

    KANGOL Herringbone 504


    Kangol is bringing the "Caddyshack" retro golfing look back to the mainstream with this Herringbone 504 style. This old school style hat a wool blend, herringbone design with a 4-panel crown and button. Wear it shagging balls, fighting gophers or off the course and look great through it all!

    • Material: Wool/Chlorofiber/Cotton Blend
    • Style: Cap
    • Brim: 1-1/2" Padded
    • Crown: 4-Panel with Top Button
    • Embroidered Logo
    • Packable
    • Elasticized Sweatband, Satin Poly Lining
  3. KANGOL LiteFelt Player

    KANGOL LiteFelt Player


    The LiteFelt® Player is soft, crushable and water repellent with a tonal fabric band and stingy brim that can be worn up or down.

    • Material: 100% Wool LiteFelt
    • Water-repellant
    • Crushable / packable
    • Center Dent crown, 1 3/4" Brim
  4. KANGOL Wool 507

    KANGOL Wool 507


    The cap that started thousands of imitations, the Kangol 507 is an iconic style in the hat world for it's simplicity, quality craftsmanship, and style. The Kangol Wool 507 takes the cap a step further with a warm, wool blend construction for the coldest of days. Other features include a elasticized sweatband and packable design.

    • Material: Wool/Chlorofiber Blend
    • Style: Ivy Cap
    • Brim: 1-3/4"
    • Crown: Ivy
    • Embroidered Logo
    • Packable
    • Elasticized Sweatband, Unlined Interior
  5. KANGOL Wool Arnold

    KANGOL Wool Arnold


    Want to dress to impress without spending a fortune on a great hat? Look no further than our Kangol Wool Arnold Hat for your answer. This 100% wool hat is perfect for the autumn/winter months with its subtle color choices, warm yet lightweight wool design, and classic trilby fedora shape. Made by the trusted experts in hatmaking, Kangol!

    • Material: 100% Wool
    • Style: Trilby
    • Brim: 2"
    • Crown: Teardrop
    • Embroidered Logo
    • Packable
    • Elasticized Sweatband, Unlined
  6. KANGOL Wool Ushanka

    KANGOL Wool Ushanka


    Never feel a chill with our Kangol Wool Ushanka hat. This trapper has a luxurious wool and faux fur design, and is lined in satin. Use the earflaps for more warmth and coverage or tie them up at the crown.

    • Material: Wool/Viscose Blend
    • Style: Trapper
    • Crown: Wrapped
    • Earflaps with Cotton Drawstrings
    • Embroidered Logo
    • Packable
    • Satin Poly Lining
  7. KANGOL LiteFelt Pork Pie Hat

    KANGOL LiteFelt Pork Pie Hat


    Made in the USA the LiteFelt® Pork Pie is soft, packable, water resistant and painless to maintain. Features with a telescopic crown and a stingy, upturned brim for a vintage shape that will hold up for years.

    • Material: 100% LiteFelt Wool
    • Telescopic crown, 1.5" brim
    • Water resistant
    • Crushable / Packable
  8. KANGOL Seamless Wool 507

    KANGOL Seamless Wool 507


    The classic look of the Kangol 507 in a sleek, seamless's not too good to be true! Our Kangol Seamless Wool 507 is a staple to any man or woman's hat wardrobe, and comes in a variety of basic or fashion colors.

    • Material: Wool/Acrylic Blend
    • Style: Cap
    • Brim: 1-1/2"
    • Crown: Blocked
    • Embroidered Logo
    • Elasticized Sweatband, Unlined
  9. KANGOL Wool Player Stingy Brim Trilby

    KANGOL Wool Player Stingy Brim Trilby


    Did you know the Player is the most popular trilby shape that Kangol makes? This versatile style can be worn with the stingy brim up or down and this particular player is made from warm, 100% wool.

    • Material: 100% Wool
    • Style: Trilby Fedora
    • Brim: 2"
    • Crown: Pinch Front Center Dent
    • Tonal Hatband with Embroidered Logo
    • Packable
    • Elasticized Hatband, Unlined
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