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The newsboy cap, named as such because of its association with newspaper boys in the early 20th century, are a popular alternative to standard baseball caps. Like ivy and driver's caps, newsboy hats feature a front bill that is often attached to a full, paneled body portion with a button or snap. Newsboy caps differ slightly from ivy caps in that they are slightly more billowy and roomy in the body. While newsboy caps are often historically associated with working-class boys and young men (think Oliver Twist), versions of the cap were adopted by all social classes - evidenced by it's use as a golfer's cap in the early 20th century.

Today, newsboy caps along with ivy caps have had their biggest resurgence as a fashionable casual cap when a baseball cap just won't cut it.

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Newsboy Hats

  1. Stetson Hatteras Cashmere Blend Newsboy Cap

    Stetson Hatteras Cashmere Blend Newsboy Cap

    The Stetson Hatteras Newsboy Cap is a blend of silk and cashmere, making it a delight for two senses: sight and touch. This cap pairs well with both casual and dressier outfits, so wear this hat for daily style. Whether you're wearing a suit or you're just headed to town, this hat will make the perfect accessory. You won't regret this purchase, especially knowing that Stetson makes extremely high quality hats.
    • Style: Newsboy
    • Material: Silk and Cashmere Blend
    • Stetson Quality
    • Great for Year-Round Use
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