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A hallmark of the American jazz era, pork pie hats are a constant classic in the world of fashion. These accessories were also popular in Great Britain, which helped these iconic and ever-popular hats to become a lasting addition to the classical fashion ensemble. This type of hat is especially popular among the musical crowd, having gained its popularity among jazz musicians of the 1930’s and 40’s, and cropped up once again in the 60’s and 70’s along with newer forms of music. Recently, the pork pie has had a large resurgence due to Bryan Cranston's portrayal of Walter White in the TV show Breaking Bad. White donned the pork pie hat as he appeared as his alter ego "Heisenberg".
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Pork Pie Hats

  • KANGOL Bamboo Mowbray

    KANGOL Bamboo Mowbray

    More Colors Available
    A summer spin on the pork pie hat, the Kangol Bamboo Mowbray hat has your typical staples like a telescope crown and stingy upturned brim, but is made with lightweight bamboo. Like the rest of the env...
  • Scala Genuine Panama Skimmer Boater

    Scala Genuine Panama Skimmer Boater

    Set sail in our Scala Genuine Panama Skimmer Boater hat. In a hat with so much class, neither wind, nor rain, nor swashbuckling pirates shall spoil your day at sea. A genuine Scala panama hat, thi...
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