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If you’re looking to add a little of the rough and rugged essence of the outback to your wardrobe, safari hats might be just the thing to help. Also known as rain hats, this headwear is commonly associated with the outback and a familiarity with the outdoors. As well it should—the very design was created in order to assist the outdoorsman on his various journeys. The wide brim not only keeps the sun off of the wearer’s face and neck, but also helps to keep their face clear from rain and any other obstructions. The top of the hat is almost always pinched and domed, while the brim itself is either entirely flat or has a slight curve, reminiscent of a cowboy hat.

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Safari & Rain Hats

  1. Bailey of Hollywood Brandt Lanolux

    Bailey of Hollywood Brandt Lanolux


    Do you love the finer things in life? Then the Bailey of Hollywood Lanolux Brandt is for you! Made from 100% virgin wool, this pinch-front fedora has a soft fur-felt touch. With a two-tone leather band and turn-down brim, the Brandt is a lightweight, fully lined fedora that exudes class and style. If you're ready to step up your wardrobe to the next level, pick up the Brandt Lanolux Fedora.

    • Material: 100% Lanolux Wool Felt
    • Style: Fedora
    • Brim: 2-1/2"
    • Crown: Center Dent
    • Leather Hatband
    • Bailey Pin
    • Comfortable Sweatband
    • Made in the USA
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