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  1. New ProductStetson 42nd Street Palm Straw Stingy Brim Fedora

    Stetson 42nd Street Palm Straw Stingy Brim Fedora


    Inspired by the hit Broadway musical 42nd Street, the Stetson 42nd Street stingy brim fedora is a classic, beautiful summer time hat. It is made from high quality finely braided soft palm straw and features a 1 3/4" stingy brim, 4" pinchfront tear drop crown, and a padded cotton sweatband for your comfort. The 42nd Street is finished with a classic 1 1/2" brown grosgrain hat band and a signature round Stetson hat pin.    

    • Material: Palm Straw
    • Brim: 1 3/4"
    • Crown: 4" Pinchfront
    • Grosgrain Hat Band
    • Stetson Hat Pin
  2. New ProductStetson Madrigal Coconut Straw Porkpie Hat

    Stetson Madrigal Coconut Straw Porkpie Hat


    The Stetson Madrigal is a stylish pork pie hat made of a breezy, firm finish coconut braid straw. It features a classic telescope crown, a curled 2" brim that you can snap down depending on your style, and a padded cotton headband for your comfort. The Madrigal is finished with a stunning plaid hat band and signature Stetson coin emblem hat pin.

    Add this standout to your hat collection today for your next round of golf or a day out on the town! 

    • Material: Coconut Straw
    • Brim: 2"
    • Crown: 4 1/4" Telescope
    • Plaid Hat Band and Stetson Coin Hat Pin
  3. New ProductStetson Muldoon Sisal Straw Gambler Hat

    Stetson Muldoon Sisal Straw Gambler Hat


    The Stetson Muldoon Gambler is made from a breezy, lightweight Sisal straw, which is perfect for keeping you shady and cool when the weather is hot and sunny. The Muldoon features a nice, wide 3 1/4" brim and the crown is a unique mix of a telescope and optimo crown, making this hat as much of an individual as you are. It is finished with a black cotton hat band and signature Stetson emblem and has an interior dri-lex sweat band for your comfort. Grab the Stetson Muldoon for your next hike or round of golf!

    • Material: Sisal Straw
    • Brim: 3 1/4"
    • Crown: Telescope/Optimo Mix
    • Black Cotton Hat Band
    • Stetson Emblem
  4. New ProductStetson Open Road 6X Straw Cowboy Hat

    Stetson Open Road 6X Straw Cowboy Hat


    The Open Road from Stetson is a true legend, a timeless blend of Western tradition with city style! It is handmade in Garland, Texas of firm 6X quality Shantung straw and finished with a classic black hatband and a signature Stetson hat pin. 

    One of Stetson's most classic hats, it was named the Open Road because it was originally sold with an open crown to be creased to the customer's liking. Today it comes with a hand pressed cattleman crown. This classic western style is beloved across the world and had many who favored it, including Presidents Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson.

    The Open Road also comes in classic a Fur Felt version for the colder months. Click the Related Products tab above to check it out too!

    • Material. 6X Quality Shantung Straw
    • Brim: 2 3/4"
    • Crown: 4" Cattleman
    • Black Satin Hat Band and Signature Stetson Hat Pin
    • Proudly Handmade in Garland, Texas
  5. New ProductStetson Retro Panama Fedora

    Stetson Retro Panama Fedora


    An eternal classic, the Stetson Retro evokes the bygone era of days past, sitting on the front porch in the warm Sunday sun, smoking a fine cigar and just letting the day slide slowly past. A classically styled genuine Panama hat that will never go out of style, no matter what is trending, the Retro is made from high quality Grade 3 Panama toquilla straw with a soft finish, features a 2 1/4" brim and 4 1/2" teardrop crown, and is topped off with the perfect black headband and bow that lends it an iconic feel. On the inside, a padded cotton sweatband makes for a cool, comfortable fit. Bring this Stetson classic home with you today!

    • Material: Toquilla Straw
    • Brim: 2 1/4"
    • Crown: 4 1/2" Teardrop
    • Style: Panama
    • Finished with Black Hat Band and Bow
  6. New ProductStetson Bozeman Crushable Western Hat

    Stetson Bozeman Crushable Western Hat


    The Stetson Bozeman is a western hat that encompasses great western style and is perfect for traveling, with its water resistance and crushability/pack-ability. It features a teardrop crown, 3 1/4" brim, and a decorative leather hat band with a Stetson emblem. Hand made of a high quality wool felt in the USA, the Stetson Bozeman is perfect for a day on the ranch or out on the town. Its quick drying inner fabric sweatband keeps the Bozeman comfortable and breathable.The perfect hat for your next great adventure, the Stetson Bozeman is water resistant, crushable, and ready to go wherever you are.

    • Material: Wool Felt
    • Brim: 3 1/4"
    • Crown: Teardrop
    • Leather Hat Band and Stetson Emblem
    • Crushable/Packable
    • Water Resistant

  7. New ProductBrittoli Diplomat Panama Hat

    Brittoli Diplomat Panama Hat


    The Diplomat from Brittoli is the perfect patriotic Panama hat for a summer day at the lake or around town. Made from 100% Toquilla straw, the Diplomat is handwoven by talented artists in Ecuador (as all genuine Panama hats are). It is finished with an American flag hat band and a signature Brittoli hat pin. Celebrate the USA every day with this incredible Panama hat!

    • Material: 100% Toquilla Straw
    • Brim: 2 3/8"
    • American Flag Hat Band
    • Brittoli Hat Pin
  8. New ProductBullhide Star Spangled 20x American Flag Cowboy Hat

    Bullhide Star Spangled 20x American Flag Cowboy Hat


    • Material: Palm Leaf
    • Brim: 4"
    • 20X
    • Bound Edge
    • Hatband
    • Cattleman's Crease
  9. New ProductBullhide Truly American Patriotic Straw Cowboy Hat

    Bullhide Truly American Patriotic Straw Cowboy Hat


    • Material: Palm Leaf Straw
    • 4 1/2" Brim
    • Cattleman's Crown
    • Distressed American Flag Underside
    • American Flag Hat Band
    • Eagle Pin
  10. New ProductBullhide Team USA Bangora Straw Cowboy Hat

    Bullhide Team USA Bangora Straw Cowboy Hat


    • Material: Bangora Straw
    • Brim: 3 1/2"
    • Pinchfront Crown
    • American Flag Hat Band
    • USA Concho with Eagle Wings and Stars
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